21 March 2014

A Summary of My Analogue Hobbies Winter Challenge this year.

Firstly let me start this post by thanking Curt for the titanic effort he puts into organising the winter challenge each year. It takes a dedicated person to co-ordinate and steer a project like this and it could not be done without him. Thanks also have to go to Sarah his wife for allowing him the time to dedicate to this venture yearly. I must also thank my own wife for putting up with me for the last 3 months as without her support I could not take part.

Now before the challenge had started I had a whole heap of figures sat on shelves and in boxes mounted onto painting strips, cleaned and primed in black, ready for the off. Alongside this I had worked out that to keep on track of painting I needed a schedule of sorts hence the spreadsheet. This served me well throughout the challenge as it enabled me to track what I had left to do in various projects or bonus rounds. Together with a set of spreadsheets for the relevant armies or units I was organised as best I could be. I stocked up on basing materials and essential paint colours that were low and of course plenty of bases to mount them all on.

I had always planned to go really hard for the first month, because I wanted to beat my good buddy Kev to the 1000 point mark. After all I have heard about my failings last time out for a fair proportion of the year and I wanted to level the score. There is always plenty of banter flying between us, its what good mates do and its all in good spirits.

I opened my account with some French Indian war civilians from redoubt
This was followed up fairly quickly with a Skraeling warband for Saga
Then a Unit of French Napoleonics in greatcoats.

I hit the 1000 point mark three weeks into the challenge and managed to restore my dignity. However now I had a level of confidence to raise my target too 2750 which I thought would be achievable as I planned to take the rest of the challenge at a more relaxed pace. Then I changed my game plan a short while later and decided to go for the win. To prove something to myself more than anything, I have struggled badly with illness this last year and was unable to beat back a bad bout of depression, so I used the challenge to focus my mind and block things out and hopefully I would come out the other side in a happier place. It did not always work and at times the depression was a hindrance but I carried on regardless.

The big thing for me this year was a new focus on biblical armies and the challenge was an ideal setting to make a good start and set about building the Nubian Army. I worked three units at a time on this until it was completed.
While assembling this I also worked several other projects to break it all up and provide some much needed variety.
There were 28mm Saxons.
28 mm French Indian wars.
 A Banshee and a Druid

 Lots of 20mm Celts

The Celts / Ancient Britons were a big addition to our existing forces enabling us to play larger games.
Lots more 28mm Napoleonics, which gave me enough to field a full Brigade for our games in the coming year ahead.
Then 20mm Sea people the second biblical army that I will be working on heavily.
There were also the Bonus rounds of which I met my second side challenge of having entered an item for them all. However one entry with Spidey caused a lot of controversy!! Something I am not too proud of in reality and may refrain from out of the box thinking in future. However you can always rely on Loki to bring some mayhem to the party so maybe not. Alongside this I did a fair bit of blogging to boot. The facebook group was also a nice added extra, with encouragement coming from the members. The challenge is a most enjoyable event and some stunning work this year from everyone really made this special. I am totally exhausted after all the effort and hours I put into it this year but enjoyed every minute.

Now I even have a fair few items of shame as I lost some desire to paint at times and shoved them to one side. These will have to be done over the coming months and after Salute now.
A battalion of Peninsular British, 2 units of French allied Hussars and a set of Lukka Pirates. I just plain ran out of time with these.
A whole box full of French Napoleonic Infantry in various stages of being painted. Definitely a casualty of the butterfly effect.
30 Parthian Horse Archers, horses done and then I stopped (still trying to figure out why!)

When all is said and done though I am rather pleased to have pulled off a first place in this event, but more importantly I am pleased with how my work was received by the wider community as I tried to keep a certain level of quality in every submission.

Onto the final scores and breakdown:

Ranked #1 out of 61 participants.

I Painted 830 figures during the 3 months: 285 of those were 28mm, 545 were 20mm.

This amassed me a grand total of 4180 points. This equates to 44 points a day over the 95 Days.

I am going to take a couple of days off from blogging and put me feet up for a bit to recover. I sure I have earned that much at least. Thank you all for taking the time to visit my blog throughout the event and all the comments.



  1. Excellent work...love the Nap' troops, the druid, and this huge, blue spider...excellent work!

  2. Congrats on the title, well done old boy!

  3. Congratulations on grabbing the title! Though it seems no one ever managed to get even close to threatening your lead :) It's pretty darn unbelievable how much you are able to paint and still to a very high standard. Are you sure you are truly human?

  4. Enjoy your rest! You deserve it...

  5. It is a remarkable achievement. Quality and quantity...you delivered both in spades!

    I loved the Spider and can't imagine why it was controversial. I need to see if I can dig that one out.

  6. Congrats on the points win - 4k is an amazing total. A well deserved win and now enjoy your well deserved break!

  7. Congrats on the win and well deserved Andrew. Thanks for this post as I learned something and see that my issues appear to be normal, or at the least similar to yours. Definitely take a rest, you've earned it. We'll be ready for the brushes and banter when you return. Don't feel too bad about the Spider. Like I said, Curt allowed it, so if any one has a problem they can go cry in their beer. Personally I would have said the spider was a vehicle transporting baby spiders. ;)

  8. Congratulations Andrew, a well deserved win, an unbelievable amount of freshly and beautifully painted lead (and plastic).

  9. Wow, that's certainly an impressive achivement – and all the more impressive for the quality of your painting.


  10. Congratulations on the big win!! You did well and deserve the rest. Go get some sleep now :)

  11. Congrats on your first place! You truly have deserved to take a little break. I enjoyed following your progress throughout the challenge. I always marvelled at all the stuff you did in so a short amount of time but still retaining such a high level of quality. So hats off for your achievements, Sir! As for the spider so let me say I really liked it! Lots of entries to the themed rounds were quite loose and artistical interpretations of the given topics. So was your spider. In honest every time I saw such an example of ingenuity I blamed myself for not beeing as creative as some others. So one can only say: Carry on regardless!

  12. Congrats on the win Andrew! Awesome achievement!

  13. That is just an unbelievable achievement Loki. Don't forget you became a grandfather too in amongst that lot! Hearty congratulations on an outstanding performance.

  14. Congrats on the win and for churning out so much wonderful stuff - who says that you can't have quantity AND quality?

  15. I can't pick a favourite from amongst your entries I'm afraid. I will say that what you've achieved with the 20mm plastics is rapidly changing my view and proving very tempting.

    Well done on your finish mate, thoroughly deserved and nobody can ever take it off you now, no matter what the amount of banter.

  16. THE most comprehensively brilliant set of entries in the challenge. Hats off to the champion - bravo Sir.

  17. Congrats !!
    an impressive review of excellent figures !
    you can be proud of your work !

  18. Loki, you're a painting fiend/machine. 'nuff said :-P

    Some spectacular work, and a well earned win - in both quantity and quality.

  19. Total madness, getting all those figures painted in that time and to that quality!!! Congrtas on being No 1.

  20. It has been a great pleasure watching your points tally in amazement over the 3 months of the challenge. A very impressive feat. I for one liked the spider and would have no problem at all with you thinking outside the box in future events.

  21. Congratulations Andrew on a fantastic challenge and a richly deserved victory. I am astonished by what you were able to churn out and by its quality! The spider was great - please stay out of the box and don't cramp Loki's style.

  22. Fantastic work. I don't think I could be so prolific and consistent and not have been burned. Well done sir!

  23. Andrew, congratulations on your win! Well deserved. I was constantly amazed at the volume and yet quality you managed to achieve! Hats off to you!!!

  24. Congrats on the win! Lovely work of quanity and quality! I'm very partial to the AmerInds for some reason! ;)

  25. A well deserved win! That's some commitment and a hell of a lot of stamina. I know there's no way on God;s good earth I could/would achieve that.

  26. It was a constant joy to keep seeing your work through the challenge and just what is possible.

    Sir you did good!!


  27. Massive effort by you. Take a break now.
    Great entry's and I like the spider despite the moaning of a very few.

  28. Truly amazing work. So many minis, 830!, and all good eye candy.

  29. Bloody amazing out mate, you managed more figures than I can put out over several years!

  30. Played strong, Andrew, well done!

    Thanks for the insights into your methods and mental approach over the course of the Challenge.

  31. Really terrific output with impressive quality. You have a real skill set.


  32. Outstanding output Andrew and a well deserved wine! You have me even thinking about 20mm Biblical! What you do in a day in painting takes me a week!


  33. It really was wonderful to have you aboard with us again this year Andrew. You provided both a blistering pace and a level of quality for all to admire. Nonetheless, I think if Kent had not had to withdraw you might have had a bit of competition running into the finish. Who knows, perhaps this will play itself out in a future Challenge - something to look forward to!

    Again, congratulations and thank you for being such a great supporter of the event.

  34. Impressive work of you Andrew !!!

    Best regards Michael

  35. My thanks to you all for taking the time to comment its appreciated


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