23 February 2014

Weekly round up 23/2/2014 - French Napoleonics and The run to the finish line!

First off I am going to make a couple of apologies to you all,  Firstly because I have not been able to reply to the comments on the blog all week, I have a problem with blogger not doing things as it normally does an each time I try to comment it takes me back to the top of the page. I don't know why and its annoying as hell. If its does not correct itself soon I will try a search for the causes and possible solution until then please bear with me if a comment does not get a reply, I can assure you I do read them all! The second apology comes as a result of not having been as active visiting some regular blogs this is because the reading list on blogger is behaving like some kind of petulant teenager and refusing to load any blogs with regularity. I am now going through the motions of putting all the blogs I read onto Feedly but as I read many many blogs this could take some time as I have to input them one at a time. Blogger does not have the ability to export my reading list which would make the task simple.

Next I want to personally thank fellow blogger Jonathan Freitag of Palouse wargaming journal, if you are not following this chaps fine blog then why not pop over and see what you are missing out on. One thing is certain you can never tell what is going to pop up next but it will be worth the visit. Jonathan responded to my pleas of aid regarding a missing sabretache file and went to a lot of effort to get it to me so thank you Jonathan!!!

This week has been a good week for painting. Fully dosed with effective pain relief and the problem is finally easing off as well, those neck rotations are obviously paying off and the threat of having to attend the torture clinic certainly ensures that I do them regularly.

I started the week by basing up a fair few bit that I have been working on over the last couple of fairly unproductive weeks by my standards anyway. Well when I say basing I actually meant attaching the figures to the bases.

I then set about starting part two of a large French Indian war commission I am currently working on, which saw me occupied fully for Monday and Tuesday, before a break for a game midweek with Kev on Wednesday and finishing them on Thursday. I still have a unit of French Infantry to complete this phase but am pleased with the progress.

Friday was basing day, proper basing this time for everything, I often find it easier to make all the mess in one go rather than doing it after each unit as that way I only have to clean up the workbench once rather than several times.

So far only the Napoleonics have been posted to the challenge blog so that is all I am allowed to currently display here.
 Two battalions of infantry and three artillery pieces taking my tally so far to 2871 points.
 These are all perry guns and crews and the guns themselves were the devil to clean. so much so that I am not going to rush into purchasing any more in a hurry. They are however nice pieces to look at once finished.

 All three are in firing poses and I have given the crews campaign dress so they blend in with all my other units so far.

 Next up is a 12 figure converged Grenadier battalion, with a mix of Perry plastics and Foundry metals that I purchased at Blog con with this purpose in mind
 Once again a mix of greatcoats and campaign trousers break up the ranks of full dress to give an overall look that I am trying to achieve.
 Finally for this batch are 16 figure to make a battalion of the 2nd legere.
 Once again another mix of Foundry and Perry figures which really do sit will beside each other even with the slight differences in height.

I am pleased to have reached this point with the French as I now have a good solid foundation from which to expand upon. Having completed my first division of four battalions. Three of those have been done during this years challenge so it has given me the desired impetus I needed to get them done.

Yesterday I promised myself I would spend the day putting the finishing touches to a major project that I undertook as the bulk of my work for the challenge which as you will be aware is the Nubian army. I managed to get them advanced a little but they remain unfinished. I got side tracked again with another unit of Napoleonics. I really am my own worst enemy at times. I put it down to my artistic temperament and not being in the right frame of mind. I will get the Nubians completed during this next week, but as I have another 4 units of Napoleonic troops all at various stages of painting sat on the shelf above me, all part worked during the challenge I really should get them completed before it concludes as well.

So what's all this run to the finish line then? Well I have just passed my second target, and I can honestly say that at times I wondered if I would get there at all but I have. So I can sit back now and relax in a nice comfy chair safe in the knowledge that I have achieved a lot of the goals I wanted for this years winter push.

If you believe that last sentence you are more gullible than I thought! I have a pack closing in on me like hounds chasing a hare in open ground. Do I stand my ground, and hope they run out of legs before they reach me, or do I fire up the brushes and give it my all to ensure that I battle on until the death? Naturally the latter of course, I said it before I started the challenge this year way back in December:

"I am also taking it more seriously than previous years and have got myself organised and have planned my work out (not that it guarantees anything) in an effort to remain on track, focused and aids me to deliver my target."

So I will continue to produce as much work as possible, in these closing weeks, as I can. I will finish wherever I finish with regards to total points and position, I will not be setting another target as I really have gone beyond my expectations already. Which does prove to myself at least that I am capable to producing high volumes of figures when I need too. This bodes well for continuing to provide a painting service for the future. I do believe that I have managed to maintain a high standard of work for every entry I have submitted, something that is more important to me than any amount of points awarded or position attained.

I was due to have another prize draw this week as its the last Sunday in February. However there are some significant dates in March and April for me and the Blog so I will be holding a double draw in both to play catch up and set the record straight.

I hope you all have a good week ahead.


  1. Good to see you back in full swing Andrew! Those French troops were superb Sir.

  2. Fantastic work mate. I know exactly how you feel if I'm not in the right mood for the subject i'm painting it doesn't get done. I can see that happening this week as I lack any Post Apocalyptic themed figures to paint!

    With regards to the blogger reading list hitting F5 and waiting for the page to reload tends to work after a few goes. The Blog comment glitch has been the same with me and its really frakking annoying to scroll down all the while.

  3. Yup knocking out well at the moment . Those Perry casts are the very devils own to clean up. Much prefer Front Rank for their quaility saves a lot of time! So time to crack on with brushes my friend... There is a pack of rabid Mahdists chasing ya!

    1. erm also just noted you are into time travel... backwards i note... trying to fit an "extra" weeks painting points in no doubt...

  4. The dedication (of any Challenge painters) is admirable as is the quality of those figures. Given the 'excitement' you've had over the past few weeks, I'm amazed you can keep up a head of steam. Bloody well done.

  5. Running for another month? Crikey don't burn yourself out.

    I find Perry usually need a bit of work to prep but are worth it in the end - yours definitely look the biz.

  6. Your Napoleonics are really quite impressive.


  7. Exquisite brushwork on your Perry French! Oh, and thanks for the blog plug!

  8. Blogger...More like Bugger

    As always work to a very high standard far surpassing mine. A joy to see. And I am glad the painkillers are working..... Nurse! Time for my meds!

  9. Blogger is such an arseache lately, great work from one of the best painters out here old boy!

  10. I've been having the same problem on blogger as well, its really getting on my tits! Love the Nappies ol' boy!! Top notch painting!!!

  11. You are not alone, Blogger has been all over the shop of late.

    And congratulations on leading the pack so emphatically, you can just kick back now and relax... or can you...?
    ; )

  12. Seems like everyone is having the same issues. The comment issue is driving me nuts. I've kind of had to swear off commenting on blogs where people also still use CAPTCHA as it just takes too long with both issues in the mix.

    Regards getting the blogs to load, once you go past 300 followed it really seems to freak out. I'm also rapidly coming to the conclusion that it's OK to "follow" fellow bloggers so I show up on their lists but then have to use an alternative for actually doing the following.

    Keep battering away at it mate. Regardless of whether you finish in top spot you'll be miles ahead of where you were 90 days ago.

  13. You have completed a huge amount of points so far.
    Some solid work amigo.

  14. Fantastic work on the Napoleonics Andrew!

  15. Those do look great and like I said on Curt's blog I really like the blue!


  16. Hola
    Magnífico trabajo con esas figuras
    Un Saludo


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