20 February 2014

Challenge Day 68 - A nice little diversion those little Brown Feckers

No not a racist post at all but, a gamers reference to one rather annoying unit in game.

Yesterday saw me take a break from the paint table and head over to Kevs for an afternoon of much needed R & R. Working for your self has some distinct advantages at times especially when you are on target with any scheduled works, so we took the opportunity to have a little Peninsular bash.

we set up a random and fairly open table and took two forces to have us a little merriment.


C-in-C command 8
Lieutenant General Rodney Shaftington (KEV)

Lane's Brigade - command 7
3 x line battalions
1 x royal artillery battery

Hooley's Brigade - command 7
2 x line battalions
1 x highland battalion

Dingle's Brigade - command 7
one small rifle battalion
1 x light battalion
1 x Cacadores ( herein after referred too as little brown feckers)
1 x KGL hussars


C-in-C command 8

General de Division Retard d'Anal ( LOKI )

Cloisonne's Brigade - command 7
3 x line battalions
1 x light battalion
1 x foot battery

Renasrd's Brigade - command 7
2 x large line battalions
2 x light battalions
1 x foot battery

Maurice's Brigade - command 7
2 x chasseur a cheval
1 x horse battery

Turn 1. the British win the dice off!!
Though they had the first turn advantage, the British commanders spent far too much time eating cake and were unable to move very far at all, whilst  the majority of the French forces enjoyed freedom of movement.

Turn 2.
 The British start to form a battle line but again indecision in the ranks causes them to mess it up again
 Meanwhile the French commander has fully deployed and sees an opportunity to swing the weight of numbers to his advantage.
See them little feckers sneaking up monsieur!!

Turn 3.
 Yes those sneaky little brown feckers got up close with their rifles an unleashed a perfect volley causing two casualties but more important disordering the cavalry so it was a sitting target!
The French decide to work the opposite flank and make an advance.

Turn 4.
 The British flank again refuses to follow orders and the French decide to take some action and retribution on the usurpers that routed the French cavalry regiment.
 Elsewhere the British line takes a pounding from the French as they open the attack
Things appear to be going well for the French barring the loss of the cavalry regiment.

Turn 5.

The French plug the gap from the missing cavalry and both sides continue the line and artillery firing.

Turn 6.
The blood went to the crazy French commanders head and he launced several charges all of which failed spectacularly. losing another cavalry regiment and half a division of infantry in the process.

Turn 7.
Hmm sound the retreat mes amis !!!

Yes The French got hammered Kev pulled out some perfect dice at the right time whereas how do I put this I did not!!! I failed every break test I could fail and some, it was at this point although we could have played another few turns, I knew I was beaten and there is another battle to be fought another day..

A cracking bit of fun for the afternoon and it certainly enforces the playability of Blackpowder and the fact you can subtly change the rules to enhance the game.


  1. Nice to see Black Powder being put to good use on a table that can fit in most living rooms :) Best,Dean

  2. R and R, highly recommended. Looks lik Kev had a good game...

  3. Very nice.
    But you know, with a French CiC called " anal(ly) late", what could go wrong? Or is it "late anal"? Anyway, good game Andrew.

  4. Good report. Its a good set of rules.

  5. That's that French elan for you!

  6. Nice report Loki and it's good to have some R&R

  7. Very nice AAR !

    Best regards Michael

  8. Glad you had a good time. Very cool.

  9. Nice report buddy despites the dice wows. Its seemed to start well for the French as well.

  10. Shooting is too good for those little brown feckers. The little green ones aren't much better either. All of them sneaking about and shooting from cover.

    There's always next time monsieur and remember... Vive L'Empereur!

  11. Nice little game and an interesting battle report.

  12. A little game playing R+R just what the doctor ordered. We all need some of that,

  13. Twas a cracking lil game that could have gone either way.
    It was great to have a midweek break from the paint bench and to have a game in the day instead of the usual Thursday night.
    Must do this again soon Andy.

  14. Nice to see you had a little downtime to enjoy yourself!

  15. Not such a bad way to spend an afternoon. Great report Andrew!

  16. A great way to spend a spare afternoon

  17. Great to see a batrep on your blog Andy! Poor Frenchies!!!


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