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Challenge Day 65 - Indians and Coureur des bois

Today saw me dose up on pain killers first thing and set about tackling stage two of my current commission.

I have a lot to paint for this customer who is dispatching a couple of box sets from Australia this week to add to his collection. So as to stay ahead of the game, I decided to get the lead I have here worked so I can concentrate on the new troops when they arrive. So my focus for today has been on the Indians and Coureur des bois elemnets. All these miniatures are from the AW Miniatures Ranges link in the right sidebar.

As you can see they are progressing nicely and should be completed tomorrow. I have six of these too paint for now, though I will be adding to that shortly.
I have also made good headway with the Coureur des bois, and all 14 currently have been blocked out and 6  have been taken to the final stages. These should also get completed tomorrow which will leave me another 13 French regulars to complete for this stage.

My thanks to you all for the kind words yesterday, and a couple of helpful suggestions. Always good to maintain a smile in the face of adversity or I try at least.



  1. Seems to be quite a popular period lately its popping up on quite a few blogs. Nice work

  2. Nice work on the coureurs and Indians

  3. Great looking figures with great looking paint jobs.

  4. some great work on these, especially the war paint on the Indians

  5. A nice, cleanly, smooth painting style you have there, I only wish I could paint flesh as smooth.

  6. Hope the painkillers are working. Good lookin' Injuns. I find warpaint hard to make look convincing so I appreciate the work you have put in.

  7. Terrific job on these! Are you more satisfied with the sculpting quality of these AW Miniatures' figures than you were in earlier attempt?

  8. Very nice, fantastic painting work with those figures.

  9. Nice one mate. Loving the face paint.

  10. Nicely done with the faces!

  11. Hope you get feeling better, Andrew. Being an old guy and infantry, my body does protest the rough treatment a lot! From ripped hamstrings, pulled muscles, sprainged knees/legs/ ankles. Ibouprofin, tiger balm, and an old Irish remedy...Jamieson! Note the whiskey doesn't fix anything, but a couple shots help getting to sleep! ;) I can't recommend tigerbalm enough though. It is like icyhot/bengay but more potent. It is in a very small jar and a little dab rubbed in penetrates deep going all the way to the bone. Very effective at relaxing muscles and numbing nerves( plus four shots of Jamison for a good nights rest!)
    I love the FIW stuff! I can tell the natives are not Potawatomi, it's a rule that we carry at least six knives when leaving the house! ;)


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