12 February 2014

Challenge day 60 - Still plugging away

I am still working away on the Napoleonics, progress is not lightening fast as I am rather fastidious when it comes to painting these.

Work on the combined Grenadiers is going well and these should be completed tomorrow.
Here is the mounted officer as a work in progress. as you can see I have hands and faces to complete on the unit.

I have also constructed another unit of hussars today and blocked in the horses all but one who is waiting for the green stuff to dry fully in the horrible gaps that some of the plastic horses have.
I have also pulled the unit of Swiss back onto the bench that I had started and lost momentum on earlier in the challenge, My main issue with these was the yellow but that problem has been solved now.



  1. Yellow facings are a bugger but the end result will be well worth it. The Swiss always look good and they're quality troops to boot.

  2. Keep going Loki. It's all looking fab at the moment. And I have to agree yellow is so hard to paint. Mostly because the manufactures make it translucent and not opaque! The Gits.

  3. He's looking terrific. You could leave him as is and call him Corps d'Affrique?


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