8 February 2014

Challenge day 56 - Paint Table Saturday #14- Busy, Busy, Busy

Well after the failure to submit anything for paint table Saturday last week, I thought I would make amends this week and get the post and submission done at the beginning of the day this week.

Progress in the challenge slowed down completely since the middle of last week, and I took a couple of days to recover from the Vapnartak show. I have also been suffering with a problem in my neck and arm once again that is causing me great discomfort when I try to sit and paint. So I have only been painting for about half of the time I usually do.

However I have some time to myself today, and have decided that I need to crack on with some of my Napoleonics for the day. They wont get completed but they will at least have made some progress.

I have a battalion (16 figures) of light infantry well under-way, another (12 figures) of combined grenadiers just started and a third Gun and crew well under-way. Also in progress is another 13 French Indian War French regulars, a Camel a pile of mixed plastic and metal Napoleonics that need to be cleaned and mounted and 3 Nubian warbands which are in progress.

Hopefully I shall make good progress today and at least get the gun and crew completed.



  1. Hope you are feeling better soon, Andrew.

    That is quite the wall of paints in the background. Is the phone in the photo a hotline directly to a figure manufacturer or paint supplier?

    I do enjoy seeing how others arrange their work space.

  2. Thanks for participating and showing your paint table today! I added your link in my post. I hope you feel better soon Andrew! Great paint job on those mini's.
    Greetings, Sofie

  3. Hope your neck/arm problem clears up soon Loki. That's a pretty busy paint table :)

  4. Great looking progress on the Napoloenics. Speedy recovery!

  5. Quantity, quality and variety...you're delivering in spades!

    I hope you bounce back quickly. Too many rounds in the ring, eh? ;-)

  6. Hope the arm and shoulder start feeling better very soon. It all looks good on your painting table. Some nice things on the way.

  7. Some lovely looking Napoleonics there Andrew! Really like the look of that gun and crew! Trust you are feeling better!

  8. Get better soon! Nice work on the naps so far.

  9. Told ya to see the doctor.
    Hope your feeling better Andy.
    Love the arty, btw

  10. Looking good so far. Hope the Neck and arm improve

  11. Cracking stuff there with the French Loki

  12. Very nice painted figures!


  13. A very neat and organised paint desk! Cracking paint job on those French.


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