19 January 2014

Weekly Round Up 19/1/14 - Ancient Britons and Battle of Medway report.

Another good week in the Great Hall, I have managed to clear the Ancient British Cavalry division from my table and supplemented them with some more slingers and fanatic markers.

Thanks to the handy and timely arrival of the Tajima tufts midweek, the workbench is in a much tidier place than it has been for a while.

This blog also made the rather major 100,000 views milestone and plans for the celebrations are already in progress. So once again thank you to all who take the time to read the blog as without you it would be a cold Great Hall.

Thursday was games night and as myself and Kevin had managed to paint up the extra units we needed we refought the battle of Medway.

Now there are a couple of points to note, the exact location of the battle is not known, although the possible locations are few in number. There is no accurate information for the exact British force to be calculated.

We used the scenario as is from the Hail Caesar Britannia supplement for all the forces.

I have to make a small apology as the pictures start on turn two of the battle as in the haste to get the game under way I forgot to take pictures of the deployment.

Kevin Played Plautius and so deployed on the opposite side of the river. Gleen was in command of Geta and his Batavians and Vespasian, who already start the game across the river and outflanking the Britons, deployed within a charge move of the enemy.

I played Caractacus and had command of the Cavalry and chariots. Karl played Togodumnos and commanded the infantry.

Turn one Saw the Britons inactive as per the rules and Glen took the initiative with the Batavians hurling the infantry into the Cavalry, causing them to give ground and take several points of stamina. He also advanced Vespasians division ready to attack. Kev threw his veteran legionary unit over the bridge headlong into the Britons large warband.

The Britons could do very little in the first turn due to the special rules that meant they were inactive unless attacked, so those that could did.
 Turn two and the Britons try to react to the threats, the cavalry whips itself into battle formations and the chariots race onto a flank.

 After combat on turn Two the British warband defending the bridgehead is destroyed although it has cost the Romans in the blood of the veteran legionaries.
 Turn three sees mayhem as every possible unit that can attack does
 Here he comes again with those pesky javelins in those damn chariots
 The Britons are giving Vespasian a right bloody hiding as the medium cavalry cause the auxilliaries to give ground in disorder, and the warbands thump the legionaries
 The Romans picked up their tunics bottoms and ran off the table.

 Glen saluting the fact the way he rolls dice he should pick another hobby!!!
 Turn 4 and Kevin is across the bridge in numbers and due to bad command the Britons seem to be having a picnic and dont move so are still facing the other direction, they lose a warband and another is driven back.
 Meanwhile Geta is under heavy attack from the Chariots and cavalry
 And manages to get his entire force wiped off the table.
Caractacus reformed his cavalry into battle line as still the Romans kept coming. Togodumnos was still tucking into his picnic and now was completely outflanked by Kevin, who not only pushed them back but inflicted severe damage.

The game was called here as a Roman tactical victory, but it has to be said only just as the casualty count on both sides was high, but Caractacus being a clever opponent saw this as an opportunity to retire from the field with his entire cavalry division intact and left Togodumnos to eat his bloody picnic. Plautius took the field and decided to execute Vespasian for his failures, Geta was already dead as he was slain in combat.

Overall a great night and a very hard fought game, with many twists and turns as the balance of power went from one side to the other.


  1. What a good Read. I thoughouly enjoyed that.

    1. Glad you liked it Clint it was a great game to play

  2. Loki
    Looks like a great game. It's great to see your figures making it on the table. How many of the figures used were painted for this year's challenge?
    Big noses go home!

    1. Peter Two Roman units and 4 of the Britons they will all start appearing now on the challenge

  3. Nice pics, love your chariots!

  4. Great looking game and a nice read!

  5. Nice game report! Great looking armies.

  6. wonderful additions to the tally and a great report - a perfect weekend!

  7. Very entertaining AAR. Looks like you had a great time.
    Your Britons are absolutely outstanding.

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks, we try to play for the fun of a game rather than be too serious

  9. A cracking read. Sounds like a great time was had.

  10. Congratulations of the hits mate and I great Batrep to boot.

  11. Replies
    1. Thanks Christopher was a good nights entertainment

  12. Loving the Brits on the painting table and the tabletop!

  13. "Tactical victory" for the Romans? In the word of Pyrrhus of Epirus, "One more victory like this and I'm ruined!"

    An entirely respectable showing from the Brits, although Togodumnos might have shelved his picnic plans given the urgency of his situation! Still, Caratacus (and, more importantly, his accompanying retinue of cavalry) gets to fight another day.

    Will this form part of a wider campaign?

    1. Initially Ev, we wont but the army build continues so myself and Kev can do the full campaign in the book, it will of course be documented here in the months ahead

    2. Thanks Andrew, I'll be watching with interest!

  14. Great Game bud and a win for the pasta munchers, although how with Glenn rolling dice like he does is a mystery.
    Trafalgar this week as we attempt more mayhem, but this time on the high seas.
    Judging by your last performance, shall i set a chair up in the cabin so you can do a bit of painting around 9ish. Haha.
    I'll join you at 9.30 ish.

  15. Congrats reaching the milestone Andrew! Great battle report and pictures!



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