21 January 2014

Challenge Day 38 - A short day today

Today has been a very short day at the paint table, as family duties have overtaken, with both the boys and the wife away for the weekend, (serious painting time ahead). I am also away for a bit from tomorrow as I will be travelling North of the border and going to visit Martin and Diane at Warbases HQ to plan the year ahead and discuss other matters.

Today has been spent working on more figures for the French Indian war commission, as well as some display figures for Andrew at AW Miniatures.
 Whilst I was waiting for base layers to dry I also started hand painting the Bearn Infantry standard.

I wont be at the workbench till possibly Friday now, and there will be a break in the regular posting as I have not scheduled anything for while I am away. My submissions to Curt are up to date, and except for the actual score for my bonus round entry, which has not been posted I am happy to have amassed 1682 point to date, keeping me in with a decent chance of my top ten spot.

Well folks that's all from me for the next couple of days so please have a good one yourselves and I will post upon my return.


  1. Have fun and I'm looking forward to your output on the weekend!

  2. Look forward to seeing the finished AW figures as I've been looking to get some of their regulars for my FIW stuff

  3. Have a good break ands come back hungry for points.

  4. Andrew, you have been a painting machine. You have earned a break!

  5. Nice work there Andrew and have a nice trip to Warbase.

  6. Lots of good stuff Andrew. Your giveaway plan for 2014 sounds phenomenal, I'll do my best to promote things when they come down. Your output for the challenge has been exceptional in both quality and quantity. Have a good trip and look forward to more figures when you're back.

  7. May give me a chance to catch up, or not more likely, lol.
    Have a safe trip bud


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