18 January 2014

Challenge Day 35 - Chariots Roll and Paint table Saturday

I finished my chariots for our game Thursday night just in time, as I was saved by the tuft delivery which meant I could fully finish the bases and play with them that night.

I have to say they performed admirably and broke the myth of freshly painted always dies in its first game.

So when I got home Thursday I set up my lamps and took some pictures to submit them to Curt.

Originally I was going to mix some plastic chariots in with these but they are just not compatible enough for my liking. These are Newline metal 20mm Chariots and crews, and they come up smaller than any of the plastic manufacturers chariots, so units will be solely comprised of all metal or all plastic in this army.

The wicker sides on these were a good variation to the more decorative chariots in my first unit. Which I will display later this week they had been painted prior to the challenge, but unbased so I completed them at the same time.

Well it is also Paint table Saturday, now today has been a very sedate one, mainly preparing another 20mm army for some paint in the coming weeks.The other work I have been doing I am unable to display due to it being a bonus round entry that I hope to complete tomorrow so I have 6 weeks without having to worry about getting a fortnightly entry completed.



  1. Great paint Andrew .
    Greetings .

  2. Great work on those chariots!

  3. Thanks for participating on my Paint Table Saturday project! I posted your link in my blog post!
    Greetings, Sofie

  4. Excellent work Andrew! Love the tartan!


  5. Fantastic work on the chariots Andrew! Very impressive!

  6. Excellent work on the chariots! Who doesn't enjoy seeing chariots fresh off the workbench?

  7. Really great additions to your Ancient Brits. Shame I can't find any references to Ancient Brits on Camels but maybe I should do some for a lark.

  8. Love it! I'm glad to hear they played as well as they look.

  9. When I saw this at Curts place, I wondered why you weren't using them for the vehicle entry. Now I'm very curious as to what you will be doing. An elf riding a spider perhaps?

  10. Very nice! Clothes are awesome!

  11. Excellent work on the cariots Andrew! Your Tartan looks superb.

  12. Great painting and basing Andrew.

  13. Hola
    Muy buen trabajo,me gusta
    un saludo

  14. Thank everyone!! lots more ancient Britons to come

  15. Very nice Andrew and some tempting miniatures to buy.



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