15 January 2014

Challenge Day 32 - Chilled then Deeply dippy Day !!

The day started very relaxed as I continued working on the Ancient Briton warbands, they have reached the stage where I don't work on all 72 at once and break them down into individual the warbands. Working each one till complete before moving onto the next one.

Halfway through the day I had to pop to Kev's as he was acquiring some new armies in 15mm for the Seven years war in exchange for his prized Jacobites. With the deal negotiated we sat down and discussed our options with gaming for a bit and of course it was an opportunity for us to discuss the next few weeks planned painting during the challenge.

I returned home to continue the warband I had only to do the shields, and this is where things get a bit mental with, the Britons very much like the Gauls they liked patterns on their shields.
Yes despite Kevs protestations about not needing plaids and striped clothing, I went ahead and did them I think he knew deep down I would not be able to restrain myself even if it does slow down the painting. But if that was not bad enough then the free hand shields may certainly be a step too far, well my eyes feel the burn from doing these on such small figures anyway!



  1. Outstanding work so far on these Britons Andrew!

  2. Superb, well worth the effort.

  3. I understand and sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do it or you know you won't be satisfied. Looking good so far!


  4. Lovely work, Andrew! They look fabulous.

  5. They are becoming very nice. 72 of them?

    1. yes in this batch 72 they will all get mixed to create a ragged look

  6. They're a pain to paint, all those patterns and plaids, but the result justifies the effort. These are looking great.

  7. Looking great - the extra effort is always worth it in the end!

  8. I know it is more work to do the stripes and shield patterns, but if you will not be satisfied as a painter, it must be done.

  9. Nice work - the shield pattern is lovely. Best, Dean

  10. I do like those Britons. They look just the business. Now go and stomp all over the Romans.

    So few fragments of clothe survive from Ancient Britons that use as much or as little Plaid and stripes as you wish. No one can fault you.

  11. Good to hear things were on a more even keel today!


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