6 January 2014

Challenge Day 23 - Wagons Roll and a competition

Today was not a great day for painting, in fact knowing I was collecting my new car today, always meant painting time would be a little short. I have obviously been very preoccupied by the new shiny object and have been happily adding some greenhouse gases too the atmosphere in the sheer joy of what one does when you get the keys to a new car.

What painting I have done though has seen both the French Infantry units move forward. The Banshee is in the process of being based, the druid is progressing well too, I have even made a start on the Big Fella. I still have a fair amount to do with the Gyrocopter though.

What was good was seeing the wonderful miniatures produced by most entrants in Sundays fortnightly bonus round they were simply a wide array of most types of villain you could think of the whole post took nearly an hour for me to read through. Every body is certainly working hard to submit these bonus entries which are a nice little twist to the years challenge.

Go and check them all out HERE,  I cant add what I scored yet to my tally sheet as the points have not been awarded yet at the time of writing this post.

Right folks Tamsin is having a Prize Draw in celebration of her 2nd Blogday and there is a rather super prize up for grabs. so click the pic below and head on over to enter.

Well thats about it for today folks short and sweet. But as my old ma say's something is better than nothing.



  1. Looking good! Especially looking forward to seeing that Gyrocopter finished. One of my favorite old(ish)hammer minis.

  2. Bet you have been doing Brrrmmmm, Brmmmm all day, never mind painting.

  3. Thanks for the plug Loki :)

    I think you deserve to take a break from painting for a day or two now that you've burnt through your 1k target ;)

  4. Nice one Loki. Always a joy to see your progress and the amazing speed you achieve and yet retain such a high standard.

  5. Enjoy the new car, it's a nice feeling



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