4 January 2014

Challenge Day 21 - Celtic Legends Review

For a midweek excursion one of my purchases was the Celtic Legends box set from Northstar Miniatures.

As someone who enjoys painting one off miniatures this is a nice welcome diversion during the current frenetic output of the challenge. Something that I can take some time out, and spend a couple of relaxed hours and letting my mind drift into the painting, rather than being on autopilot as I find most of my days when painting rank and file.

New for this year I am going to do some product reviews when I make a purchase of something.
Each review will be scored  in several areas.
Firstly price for which I will mark based on the cost of Foundry Figures at £2.00 per figure which is deemed expensive for a 28mm historical miniature.
Secondly will be the quality and scale of the castings- and will lose mark for being out of scale or poor quality.
Then finally I will review it from my painters point of view as an overall piece.

So the box set contains 3 figures and comes in at £10.00 retail, so they are not a cheap purchase. However fantasy figures do tend to cost more than historical ones, why I know not and these fall in at the mid range of fantasy figures prices. So on that basis they lose a point for each £2.00 above my base level  and score 8/10.

The castings themselves are very clean and crisp with excellent detail. They required so little cleaning up ready to prime that its really not worth mentioning. I do have to mark them down for scale issues though, listed as 28mm miniatures they vary hugely. The Druid is a 28mm from sole to eye, Cu Chulainn however is a big figure and is 32mm sole to eye and has a much thicker base making him appear even taller, The Banshee was a touch more difficult to measure see picture but is 34mm on the measuring points.  Based on this I will only award 8/10 taking marks off for two inaccurate figures.

From a painters perspective, oh my these are rather nice, I have started working on both the Druid and Banshee and I have to say the quality of the castings really does make the painting a lot easier and I am really happy with what I can achieve. As we all know undercoating a figure brings up all the small details we could not see before. I am going to score these 10/10 for my painters perspective.

So my overall score for these is 8.5/10 Ravens and I would be happy to recommend a purchase.

Slow and sure has been the progress on the table today, I had a bit of a tidy up after the last couple of days the mess was starting to get to me so thats how the day began.

Though I seem to have gone back to square one on that front as they day has progressed, with more Nubians converted and primed ready for the off. I still have a large amount to prep and prime, that ice cream tub does not seem to have gone down much at all. Mind you the full army is rather large so it may take another week yet to complete the priming and converting.

Well that is it for today a bit short and sweet I know hopefully I will have more for you tomorrow.



  1. Thanks Loki - it's really useful to have reviews of figures from experienced painters. I hope it's something you can keep up.

    1. I will do my best through the year, it will be dependant on the purchases of course

  2. Interesting review. Thanks a lot, Andrew!

  3. Interesting review idea will look forward to more in the future


  4. Thank you a lot for this review; it is an interesting product!

  5. Interesting review on very nice figures !
    good luck with the challenge and Happy New Year !

  6. Thickness of base notwithstanding could the relative size of Cu Chulainn be deliberate i.e. the sculptor trying to give him a more epic stature? Regardless, great review and I look forward to seeing more. Keep it up mate!

    PS. You need a better rating system than just points out of 10. How about 8.5/10 ravens?

    1. Indeed that probably is the case Michael, but I have to work from a standard to gauge is it is overscale for what it is sold as, to try and be fair to all the products I will review.

      I have to agree on the latter and have made an adjustment

  7. Re. price of fantasy vs historical miniatures, I think it is probably because they are more one-off in people's collections rather than people buying several of the same figure. The company will need to recover the same fixed costs (sculptor, mould making) from fewer sales, therefore the price per unit has to be higher.

    Doesn't explain GW pricing though

    Nice review of the figures.

    1. GW pricing is easy to sum up Corporate Greed, and yes I do believe your other statement is correct.

  8. The whole Celtic Mythos thing has totally bypassed me. But I did enjoy the review none the less.

    I always grim when you mention the ice-cream tub (of doom)!

    1. They were not an intended purchase at all but I like to paint one off pieces a lot and they ended up at the till strangely!!

      I will be having the same issue with box files of pre primed ones soon

  9. Looking Great Andy.
    I am sooooooooo glad that you suffer from shineyitus more than I do.
    Only a little more, mind.


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