3 January 2014

Challenge day 20 - So near yet so far!!

Well 20 days in and last night my total hit 905 points of my 1000 point target, so I am almost there then wham the sneak attack from my good mate +kevatthecabin begins, whallop a staggering 398 points worth of Crusaders and in one entry (and very nice they are too), he is up the leader board with 619 points and more to come as he has some stacked, my tank is empty so I can only prey he has not submitted quite enough to claim the race to the 1k.
These boobs are preferred above the one I may have made in my calculations. So now of course I had to try to respond to this threat as it could all be over but I still have a chance if he has fallen short, its my own fault I took a couple of days off the brushes, doing very little where as I normally get a 12 hour session in. So last night I pulled an all nighter to finish enough points to get me past the 1000 mark. Today I have based them and I have submitted them to Curt, now I just have to prey that I get over the first finishing line before Kev does.

Yes I am mad, but me and Kev are the kind of buddies that push each other and motivate each other, banter flies as that's what mates do. Bragging rights are fought over like the last Rolo in a packet. We both worked out that being able to paint for 12 hours a day would give us an estimate of what could be achieved in this years challenge. For us the points are very much secondary objectives. We both have our strategies for tackling the 3 months ahead and we are racing each other to various targets.Those targets are new armies, for us to have a year of gaming at the end of the challenge, in some of our favourite periods and in a scale that suits the table size we have available.

Yes it is a big task but it is just the motivation we both need to hit the brushes hard because the personal rewards at the end are great for us both. Where will we finish and what points we end up on is pretty much irrelevant as that will be decided by many factors beyond our control. But we will be able to do battle on the table top, that's where it really matters.

I will still be here blogging about my exploits and continuing what I have started, I am posting what I am painting, with W.I.P. pictures as I go so I have a full record of this challenge, as for me this is a great event and a highlight in my annual painting calendar and a journey I want to share. It also allows me the opportunity to look back at my own foolishness in later years as well.
not a lot of space left on the table today as the Nubians are in full scale production mode
I wont lie and say that painting at this speed is not hard because it damn well is!! However it is the only way you can clock up points like this. I can now understand and appreciate the dedication Ray "The Badger" Rousell has put into previous challenges painting all the way through a 12 hour shift. Not that I will let that stop me from a bit of banter with him during the challenge of course. It is a shame both Ray and Fran have different circumstances this year that prevent the usual kind of output we see from them.

So far my total input is 130+ hours work time, over the 3 weeks and that has produced 202 figures painted and based. My latest points came in the form of 3 Nubian Warbands that can be seen fully in this POST on Curts blog, I am only putting a single picture on here as I will do a group shot once the army is completed for you all.

Now I cant guarantee I wont screw up in the future during the event, but man I am having some fun along the way. All in this feels like it is going to be a good year ahead. Lets face it it would be hard to top the bad start I got last year.

well good folks that concludes todays ramblings. Have a good one!!



  1. I am always impressed by the quality of work that I see in Curt's competitions. Excellent work so far. They look impressive.

  2. Great work Andrew ! Love the last image real good paint , and i like the first image too … :)
    Greetings .

  3. Excellent and colourfull work on those Nubians Andrew!


  4. Hats off, Andrew! This is a blistering pace. I've been thrilled to log long hours at the painting table over Christmas break but I didn't manage 12 hours in a day. Not once. (hangs head in shame.)

    Love the Nubians and the lead pic as well!

  5. Some of the best work out here mate regardless of the speed!

  6. Painting 12 hours per day? How is that possible? Great work and outstanding productivity. Don't burn yourself out...

  7. Lovely work so far Andrew and one heck of a pace!

    That's a very full painting table

  8. Yours is a really hard fight, but your painting work is both, fast and of a great quality.

    Really fast!

  9. Looking good mate, can't wait to see more of the 20mm Nubians and other plastics! This damn job is playing havoc with my painting, just wish I could put the hours in like the previous 2 years. But Fran's doing great, he's hardly picked a brush up since last June, and is only a few points away from our 600 point tally..............the git!!!

  10. The Nubians look fantastic Andrew!

  11. I wish you luck in the race to 1000. Everything you have done so far looks really really good. I shall enjoy seeing more of your work.

  12. These are some mighty fine boobs erhhhh... figures again! Good luck in the race to the 1000 points! I'm really impressed by your speed and quality.

  13. Good luck, Andrew, in your race to 1000 points! I have to say, as a man who has been painting steadily over the Christmas holidays, that I have nothing but the greatest admiration and respect for what you've done. Very fine painting indeed, and really a remarkable output in terms of volume and speed! I simply don't know how you do it, but I love the results! Best regards !

  14. That's an amazing output, especially at the quality you are painting at. I can only sit back in awe and watch you guys go to it.

  15. You are a committed individual.

  16. Haha! Good to see I'm not the only one painting like a man possessed. Hint: if you cut the candle in half you can burn it at both ends twice...

    I've only managed the one 10 hour sit down stint but I am averaging something like 5 hours a day including days off. Poor Curt must dread seeing emails from people like us as he often hasn't published our last submission before the next one lands. Still, that's what it is all about and I'm enjoying the challenge immensely.

    Keep it up mate. Someone has to put Ray and his sandbags in their place this year and the more of us trying the more likely it is to happen. :-)

  17. Very impressive work so far...


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