14 December 2013

The Devil makes work for idle hands!!

Well I cant wait with a little under 24 hours left to go before the challenge starts, and my quest for 1000 points will begin. Not that I have sat idly by resting my stomach on my legs too often.. Oh no not I !!

I have been shopping via the web, for extra supplies and last minute purchases, also I have had to buy my own Christmas presents which I do not mind at all. Yes even though I am a pagan and do not believe in the damn festivities I have a wife who does and children that think Santa is still very much real and I am not about to shatter that, so I celebrate it alongside them as any Father should.

One big advantage of shopping for ones self is I can at least guarantee I will not get socks and grollies of varied lurid designs themed around feckin' Christmas. Although mild disappointment comes in the form of no sneak previews of the actual goods ordered as the Gestapo wife has locked down the mail box and all post has to be extensively searched usually leaving me with a handful of bills and junk mail. However I have been given my supplies in the form of a shiny new brush rack and some new tubs of basing compound.

Everything else is in maximum security, which is like trying to get into her knickers when its not my birthday but harder!!!

I also noticed that I was missing many blog posts recently due to something going wrong with blogger and they just disappeared from my blog rolls and reading lists. This is the third time I have had this issue, I know I am not the only one to be affected by this glitch. I can only apologise if I have missed a post or two I have endeavoured to back track as far as I can with posts. If this has happened to you the only solution is to reload them all I'm afraid.

I have some extra objectives to achieve at the opening of the challenge this year. Firstly I need to see if I can speed up my current rate of production without any loss in quality as the latter is far more important to me. Then I need to see if I can maintain that level of output over a sustained period of time.

Secondly my good buddy Kev thinks I should be using my talents with a brush to earn a crust while I figure where to go next with my life / health balance. Which to be honest is a fair point, and he is basing this on the average prices my figures have been fetching on Ebay. Which quite often surprises me, however I think we all view our own figures in a somewhat dimmed light so to speak. From this source I often get asked to paint on commission but nearly always refuse as previously I have only had enough time for my own painting let alone dealing with others expectations of time scales.

However I believe he may well be right and I should have more confidence in my own abilities so in the short term at least my family and I can survive, if I can maintain a good output of quality work. So I will be pushing myself but not too hard as to make me ill, but enough too not only to complete what I need for my gaming, but also some items that I can turn into income for the next couple of months and see where it takes me.

Rather stupidly in hindsight, I decided to accept another side plot for the annual challenge and have thrown my hat into the ring to complete all seven bonus rounds, frantic diving through the lead and plastic mountain has fortunately thrown up some nice figures that will complete these.

Round 1: Non combatants - AWI / FIW civilians
Round 2: Villians - The Shade and Cheetah
Round 3: Vehicle - Celt Chariot
Round 4: Hero - Julius Caesar
Round 5: Casualty - Viking slaying Saxon
Round 6: Favourite Character - Maximus Decimus Meridius
Round 7: Last Stand - Leonidas

From 6 am tomorrow I will be ready to go with fresh water in my pots and brushes poised at the ready to slap some colour on all the ranks of little black figures I have in here.

I wish you all good luck over the next three months, but above all enjoy it.


  1. Go for it Andrew and good luck!!

  2. Your work is certainly worth paying for and I do hope that you can earn some extra income with commission work.

    I noticed that you were in the side challenge for submitting every week in the theme bonus rounds. It will be interesting to see how many people do hit each week. I'm only doing two of them myself.

    Enjoy the last of the down time!!

  3. Come on Andrew! Ready to paint! And I'm eagerly waiting for your bonus submissions.



  4. Good luck mate and you will make a fine living from your brushes
    Peace James

  5. A fabulous post Andrew, made me chuckle! I see we are sharing a 'sub' challenge and may I wish you the very best of luck. Like you, I've been scrabbling around for appropriate subjects, should be a blast.

  6. I think you'll do well on the commission front and the worst that can happen is that you'll have a useful 'second string'.

    Good luck with the Challenge.


  7. Good luck on a the challenge and looking forward to seeing what you do!


  8. I've now been on the wagon 12 hours, it's killing me ;-)


  9. Good luck in the Challenge and your new venture.

    Cheers, Ross

  10. Thanks for joining my Paint Table Saturday project!
    Greetings, Sofie

  11. While I am not forcing myself I will be looking to complete the bonus weeks as well. (I must admit I don't have any ideas for a last stand yet!) I wish you the very best of luck and hope you and all the other participants enjoy the experience. I will look forward to seeing what you produce.

  12. Good luck in the Challenge Andrew! :)

    I'm lucky being single and living alone as there's nobody to intercept and inter parcels. Where was the paint brush stand from? I could do with one of those.

  13. Best of luck Andrew. Very tidy looking desk there, which puts mine to shame. Good place to churn through the models.

  14. Wish mine was tidy.
    I prepped so many 1/72 plastics that I ran out of the blue tack I use to temp base them for painting.
    I have a lot ready now but all crusaders.
    I get my vikings at christmas.

  15. Happy Yule and good luck in the challenge Loki. I,m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  16. Good luck in the challenge and I'll be keeping an eye on the fruits of these labors.

  17. Good luck, let the madness begin!

  18. Thank goodness it's here. It's like an itch you can't scratch!

  19. Good luck in the challenge Andrew!



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