26 December 2013

Challenge Days 11 and 12 - Festive break

The Great Hall has been closed for painting for both days as I celebrate the festivities with the family. Too much food and alcohol to consume for the application of paint, and of course I wanted to remain attached to my baubles which I am sure SWMBO would remove rather swiftly should I have even attempted to do so.

I did however get let out to provided a quick update after receiving some very nice gifts yesterday, I am now equipped with a good supply of vouchers for my local store. Kevin and his good wife Charlie also provided me with a whole raft of Parthians, that should give his Romans something to cause the odd headache.

My boys invested in plenty of Nubians, as the start of my biblical armies for 2014. The wife got me the 3 foot batteries I required for Black powder and a nice set of Commanders for my C in C stand.

Overall not a bad haul and they will keep me rather busy for a while.

Finally a quick shot of the workbench at which I will be getting some time at tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by today


  1. Nice haul and looking forward to seeing what comes of it.


  2. Good to see Father Christmas managed to stop by the Great Hall!

  3. Nice haul there Sir

    I have had a few hours at the paint desk which has moved on my current batch, but only a little


  4. Nice lot buddy.
    Plenty for the challenge.
    The parthians will be a git for my romans.
    My new vikings are waiting.

  5. Looks like some nice stuff found the way under your tree.

  6. That's a nice lot. I've already painted mine. Although it was just two boxes of PSC tanks.

  7. I wish my haul had been 1/2 as impressive. You have done very well. I look forward to seeing the biblicals develop.

  8. Very nice haul there Andrew!

  9. Plenty of goodness there old boy!

  10. Plenty of goodies there to ease the effects of shineybloodyitis for a short while at least :)

  11. Good to see Santa topped up you lead pile sir!


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