21 December 2013

Challenge Day 7 - Taking it easy

Well after the debacle of yesterday and the fury unleashed by the wife at my innate stupidity. I am still not too sure if she was more angry about the lingering smell throughout the house, or my being ill as a result of being dumb.

Any way I digress, whilst I am still breathing I can still feel the effects of what I did yesterday, so have taken today at a far more sedentary pace. I decided to work on a couple of the bits floating around in the wings of the room, I finished up the druid display and did some more work on Raymond my new desk ornament. The vignette that I did some modification too, has also had a bit of work done to it and I have managed to complete the first Napoleonic unit, great coats make the whole job easy there.

Aware of the upcoming festive break and the impact it will no doubt have on my time I have begun work an the next bonus round figures, as these need some extra prep work before I can begin them.

I have taken a leaf out of a fellow bloggers book with this round, I have often admired Kieron's heroclix work and that's exactly what I shall be doing for the villians round. A simple Ebay purchase afforded me two O scale (37mm) miniatures for £1.50. Which I have sculpted onto new bases and once dry they will be given a complete repaint.

I received the new Franches de la marine and British Grenadier sculpts from A W miniatures on Thursday.
So this morning I mounted the marines onto bases and have primed these up (first picture back right). Kevin has the grenadiers. Andrew has asked us if we would paint them up to go with the display figures he already has. A job I am more than happy to undertake.

All that remains for today is to flock a couple of pieces up and make a submission to Curt before I settle in front of the telly for the evening and watch Harry Potter with the boys..

Thank you for popping by for the latest update from the bench, I will be back tomorrow with my usual weekly round up.


  1. I am glad you have recovered. Just don't do it again. Loved your Skralings btw. Hope you have something ready for tomorrows "Non Combatants" bonus round. If so I'll no doubt see them Monday Morning or late tomorrow night. Still working on mine, just waiting for paint to dry......

    All the best Clint

  2. Missed the disaster that was yesterday, take it easy bud, lots of time left in this race


  3. Good idea in avoiding the spray cans for a bit.:-)


  4. I like those figures you've chosen for the next bonus round. You've gotten a lot done over the past 7 days Andres, but don't forget to take care of yourself!

  5. Beeing bright enough to stay away from the spray cans for a while gives proof of you not having lost too much of your grey cells yesterday.

  6. I'm very happy to see you're getting better, Andrew !
    I just read your post from yesterday and I was quite worrying about you. Never ever use spraying cans indoors unless you have a certified face mask!

    Anyway I'm glad to have you back here and I'm looking forward to see your next challenge results. Your choice of figures looks very interesting.

    Cheers and take care


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