30 December 2013

Challenge day 16 - Napoleonics and a day for my own stuff

Blimey are we really only 16 days into the challenge it certainly feels a lot longer, but time does not lie. Well today I shall begin with the Napoleonic French that I could not show you due to the 24 hour rule in the challenge. The Saxons will be in another post as I need to get some better pictures and did not have time today.

Just before Christmas I completed the first of my 10 French battalions but did not have time to submit it so banked it to add to the Saxons.

Now I will be the first to admit that a unit in greatcoats is not that difficult to do as you dont have the fine details of a full uniform to paint. However they still take a fair chunk of time to paint like this and I gave them a full mix of colours for the Greatcoats. 

I am also savvy enough to know that ordinarily blue greatcoats were issued to the guards and some officers, what can I say, I painted a unit of Frenchmen that have light fingers and pilfered some non regulation overcoats. They are for my collection so it really is no matter at all.

Today I decided to take a break from all the work for others that I have been doing as I had prepared some more of my newly acquired Nubians. 
They day really started by me spending an hour or so converting and mounting three more warbands onto painting strips ready for priming later today if time permitted.

Having made a start on a Nubian last night I then set about completing that first, before undertaking some more. 
Not a bad days work, three warbands painted and I have started to prime the next three in readiness for the smokin' brushes. I have still got to base the three painted warbands once they have dried out and are varnished. Once I get a bit of daylight in the man cave I will take some pictures so you can see what I have done.

Well folks thats another small update for you I am going back to my brushes to prime the few remaining Nubians and then have a night off. 


  1. Very fine paint , great work !
    Happy new year , Vincent .

  2. Excellent paint job and a Happy new Year !

  3. Your French are outstanding! The greatcoats are, well, GREAT! The varied colors are perfect and lend a sense of campaigning and getting what one can on the march. Love the cowhide knapsacks and webbing. Really nice brushwork.

    Anxious to see more of your Biblical project.

  4. Awesome work on the french! I'm sure your Nubians will look a treat.

  5. You're absolutely motoring at the moment Loki. Please do slow down, so as not to burn yourself out.

  6. Noobs are looking great Andy.
    The first froggies amd more to come.

  7. Wonderful looking French Andrew.

  8. I really like the French in greatcoats – such a nice, rag-tag look. Very well done!

  9. I like the mix of colours on the greatcoats, gives the unit that campaign feel

  10. Those French look just wonderful! Your really moving along fast!


  11. Stunning Andrew, absolutely stunning!

  12. Greate paint work !

    Happy new year !!!

    Best regards Michael

  13. Cracking along nicely, and good PJ's too!.. Although you need to get a flag on those Frenchies!

  14. Great paint work. Seems that you are very busy.

    Happy New Year!

  15. Have a great night off and I hope the new year brings you much joy for you and your family.
    I am also really enjoying your painting and the challenge.

  16. You are on fire! For painting quickly at a high level, this is tops.

    And Happy New Year as well!


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