8 November 2013

The Man Cave Mayhem Continues

Well I have cleared the new man cave and started to assemble the piles of my property from various locations around the house. I have managed to put up four 8ft shelves and they are level that in itself is a minor miracle. Under this I have located my new painting table and managed to squeeze a PC into the corner as well.
I have moved another smaller bookcase into the room for additional storage needs. I was most pleased to have been able to move my paint rack without to much problem and relocate that. The one thing I have realised is I have collected copious amounts of hobby related material over the years, and I have retained items that I have no further use for but have not parted company with them yet.
I still have a long way to go before I get everything sorted and in its final home but after 3 days I am getting there and at least I can sit to paint if I choose to in relative comfort and without many distractions. I have a small lighting issue to resolve as in the evenings, the daylight lamp alone is insufficient and I have nowhere currently to affix my strip light that normally goes above my paint rack. The only other light source comes from the stupid low energy bulb (I blame the ECO twerps for getting proper bulbs banned) that is supposed to light the room. She who must be obeyed has also forbidden me from changing it to a set of twin 4ft fluorescent tubes with daylight bulbs. So I will have to be patient and sort this later as I have many more boxes to sort and unpack.

The one benefit of being able to sort things out though does mean that as I find figures for periods that wont be played, or were bought on a whim e.t.c. these will be stockpiled for some future blog give aways along with books and other related items that I have no personal use for any longer.

One final observation made this week was my planning is next to useless, with an already heavy workload and Blog con at the weekend. I have just wasted 4 hours looking through piles of boxes for all the things I need to take with me, as my brain clearly had not logically worked, keeping those things for blog con separated for ease in packing everything today.

Well that concludes Today's post and I probably wont be in any fit state to post again before Monday when I shall report on the good weekend I intend to have at Blog Con. So enjoy your weekend however you choose to spend it.


  1. Glad to hear of good progress. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks Edwin, hopefully the first of many

  2. Look like you have organised the space well. The trick is to make a space you enjoy spending lots of time in.

  3. Looks like a nice place...Enjoy!

  4. Looks a great place to work you have done well. See you tomorrow


  5. That looks like a top work space for any hobbyist.

    I really must organise my garage some time, our flat's not big enough for a dedicated hobby room!

  6. It looks great so far Andrew! And have fun at Blog con!


  7. Splendid progress, still very envious!

  8. I really like to see how other people do it…paint, that is. You've got a great workspace here and its a good reminder that I need a "paint bench."

  9. There are some good daylight LED bulbs around at the moment, low wattage as well. Good progress on the shelving.

  10. Enjoy your weekend, and I'm a wee bit jealous of your room, it's really coming together well!


  11. Looks great but I've gotta have more space than that. She who must be obeyed would probably not like my 'door table'... made from an interior 8 foot door with attached legs. I also got some spotlights that clip onto the shelves. Have a great weekend!

  12. Where's the beer fridge mate??? ;-)

  13. Now you can be warm and relatively stress free :)

    Get a video conference going with Kev and it will be like you are working in the same room!

  14. Looking good Andy.
    Warm, stress free and indoors.
    Always the best buddy.

  15. That look like a nice and tidy workplace. Excellent Andrew! I hope you'll enjoy a lot of relaxing painting sessions there !


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