6 October 2013

My Booty from Not Derby and a side project begins.

Firstly welcome to all the new followers, I hope enjoy your visits into my bit of t'internet and thanks for reading my rambling drivel.

Now onto the subject of today's post. I have had a little tidy and reorganise of the Great Hall it was beginning to look cluttered and needed a proper sort out. The main thing for me is the blog rolls and because I follow so many of them, posts often disappear in the blink of an eye. So I have relocated them all to the footer of this blog and hopefully now they are in three separate lists it will be easier to catch up. I have also given everything else a little refresh so I hope you approve of the look.

I have discussed Derby already in another post, and wont go over old ground here. I had a few items on my shopping list first of these was some paints from the Foundry range. I use the three colour method for painting and they are just perfect for that,  I needed a new set of yellow and duly got that sorted.

My next purchase was a time consuming one as although there are lots of Archbishops etc, out there many were not right for what I wanted, although I was tempted by the Curteys mounted Bishop in full armour, but as this was to represent Francis in the sub plot of converting Ray from his evil ways and wasn't appropriate.
I admit it's a picture of the empty box that's because the miniature has already been painted and can be seen HERE.

Thinking ahead to the winter challenge I needed to get some figures in for my Napoleonic British, so it was off to Front Rank to see Alec for some command figures, these will be mixed in with Perry Plastics, as I am able to get 5 battalions for our 50% Black powder game out of one box, with the extra command purchases. So in reality I get 5 battalions for £40.00 that is a bonus. Lots of prep and priming on the horizon.

The last items on my shopping list were the army list books for Hail Caesar, so a quick trip to Warlord Games was needed and fortunately I managed to get both. I can see me doing a few projects from these two books but they will not be started till late next year.

Now I have always had a fascination with the next distraction to hit my painting table.
Arrr! shiver me timbers, I had a few spare pieces of eight and could not resist the temptation. The pull of hoarding something shiny from the Foundry pirate range was just too much. I saw these on Evil Bay at a superb buy me now price. I even have to admit at this point I don't even have any rules to use with them once painted, mainly due to the fact I own several sets of rules and they are all either too confusing or just give a bad game, my last purchase in the hope of playing Pirates came when I bought Cutlass, played it twice and abandoned them as far too complicated.
Now I am not going to let a little matter of rules stop me from painting these up, they are just lovely figures from a great manufacturer. I am sure I will do something with them even if the get sold. In the mean time I will have some fun with the brush and enjoy the hobby after all I have acquired 30 of these and they are all different.


  1. As a suggestion, Empire of the Dead might give a decent piratey skirmish game (assuming you didn't off-load the rules in one of your clear outs). A Gentlemen's Club list should serve adequately as a crew, and I believe some of the other lists contain weapons like muskets and such.

    Just a suggestion.

    1. Thanks Kieron, I did not like the game at all so cleared that all out though

  2. Lots to keep you busy. Perhaps try one of the 'Songs of' game systems by Ganesha games there is bound to be a piratey one there easy to pick up and learn as well.

  3. Greate blog post !

    Please let us know if you ever find the perfect pirate rules as I also have a few of them in my lead pile:)

    Best regards Michael

  4. Have you seen "And a Bottle of Rum" from Two Hours Wargames? They sounds interesting.
    On the other hand, I also like a lot the Foundry triads; they are really useful, most of them at least.
    Good luck with your pirates!

  5. That's a nice haul. Simon already mentioned Ganesha Games, they make a 'Flashing Steel' swashbuckling ruleset which may suit your needs. The PDF version is very cheap.

  6. Great haul Andrew and Foundry are my favourite paints to use!


  7. Looks like a good haul, and a fun list of projects. A wee bit envious over here ;)

  8. another project you are a glutton for punishment
    Peace James

  9. Good haul, good grief...........matey!

  10. Love the new tweaks Andrew and a great haul to boot!

  11. Arrrrr matey, you don't need to 'ave a set a rules to paint up me shipmates, you'll need a couple of ships though and masses of new terrain, I forsee a 25mm port through me telescope, being built as I type!

  12. Ooooh Pirates. I like, I like. You and Tamsin should get together as she's painting up loads of pirates.

  13. Got tons to keep you hopping indeed. Pirates are grand and you sure have much treasure


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