17 October 2013

Messing about on the river and other news !!!

Last time I mentioned that I was busy finalising my flexible river system, and expanding it into a full set of pieces to ensure its viability and also to work out some rough costings.

The final result:
A bit blurred but as you can see all the core components are finalised.
A straight section river width is variable with 100mm entry and exit width.
A 22.5 degree curved section.
 A ford section.

And finally the last bit of flexible madness was making a few more sections of scatter terrain, this time it was broken ground patches something myself and Kevin need for the Hail Caesar games.

Next up is another fine blog give away being run by Carl at hitting on a double 1 (my sort of dice). There are some very nice books up for grabs if world war 2 is your bag head on over and get yourself entered..


  1. They look good...and of course..a Ford section! I´ll Keep that in mind when I (one day) get around to making some scenery.

  2. I could quote "My River Runs to Thee" but its probably better to just say great work!

  3. Looks rather good, will you be showing these off at Blog-Con?


    1. I had not planned on bring them but can if you want me too

  4. Nice scenery parts! Have to keep this in mind. Can be usefull when I built a small diorama with water! Thanks for sharing!



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