26 October 2013

Blog Con Coming soon

With only 14 days to go it is almost time for the 1st UK convention of Wargaming bloggers being held at the Wargames Foundry HQ in Nottingham on the 9th and 10th of November 2013.

This promises to be an interesting first event in what hopefully will continue as a viable convention. Giving Wargaming bloggers a chance to meet up, have a good conversation and exchange ideas etc. The event is also open to anyone who wishes to attend, even if they dont run a blog.

This year will see a couple of Bloggers doing demonstrations of some of the basics to get your figures looking good regardless of your painting ability.

James - Will be holding a face painting session, showing you how to make them stand out with relative ease.

Loki - Will be giving a step by step basing tutorial, using a wide range of products and the excellent Tajima 1 products

In addition to this various demonstration / participation games are being put on for you to enjoy from members of the wider blogging community.
Muskets & Tomahawks
Warhammer fantasy 3rd edition by the Oldhammer movement
Very British Civil War
Chain of Command

There will also be a range of products from several manufacturers to peruse and of course you will also have the ability to swop/buy your unloved toys as well

Interested and want to find out more about this open event then please visit HERE for further information.

I am in the final stages of preparation for the event now. Having painted a nice batch of 28mm Foundry Pirates for the basing demonstration.

I am looking forward to meeting many of the bloggers I have come to know over this last year and those I have not yet met. I often dont get the time when helping at shows to have a good chat and for me this will give me the perfect opportunity to chew the fat with some of the great people I have met. Of course I shall have to avoid the swift kick Ray has promised me for sending him up in an earlier post.

Hope to see many of you at what promises to be a great social weekend!


  1. I am looking forward to the weekend a great deal. It will be great just to be able to chew the fat


  2. Sounds great. Shame it's so far away! Love your pirates!

  3. Just been prepping some of my cowboy stuff for the weekend. Looking forward to it!

  4. Only able to do the Saturday now cos of 'surprise' thing on Sunday (ugh!). Thank God for loyal kids!

  5. Sounds brilliant - I wish I could be there!

    Have fun!

  6. Andrew good luck with the event, shame I can't make it unfortunately I have cashed all my chips in with the boss for Warfare the week after.

  7. Don't worry Andrew I'll protect you from that kick in the crackers dodging git!

  8. Best wishes on the event! It looks like you will have a lot of skirmish gaming.


  9. Have fun and those pirats look excellent!


  10. Thank you everyone, I am sure this will receive further blog attention in due course

  11. Looking forward to it. I can only make the Sunday but some of the other Rejects will be there all weekend.


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