5 September 2013

Works in progress and silence

Currently I am still wading through the backlog on the paint desk, and I also have a rather major project on the go at this moment in time.
In fairness this hit my workbench earlier this week as I forgot I had the figure until the weekend when I rediscovered him laying in my saga box. So I set about creating a scenic base and painting this rather nice Scots warlord that came as part of the rules pre-order.

The first two figures for my Napoleonic Baden Hussar unit. These are still very much a work in progress and I am still undecided on the current look.
Now this is the major project, my part of the community currency deal with James. This is all that I will be showing until the project is completed and with its new owner. I shall of course take images through the project and blog it at a later date.

What this all means is this month, will see me posting a little less than of late probably once a week. I really need to crack on and get some of the projects completed. I certainly need to get the Celt chariots completed as Kev is itching for a game of Hail Caesar. I have a lot to achieve before the Derby show at the months end.


  1. you tease :)
    looking forward to seeing your Chariots
    Peace James

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing the Chariots James, haha.
      Come on Loki, Romans are in the channel.

    2. Bit like my rebs then waiting on an opponent

  2. Good to hear, see and guess my friend.

  3. Hola
    Buenas esas minis,y a ver el proyecto,estaremos atentos.
    un saludo

  4. I like how the Hussar's are turning out. I'd call it a successful experiment.

  5. Your secret project looks like a good one. I'm sure you're cooking up something very special. There are only so many hours in a day after work, so no worries and we'll wait for the Big Reveal!

  6. Interested in your secret project Andrew and the Hussars are looking great!


  7. This will be a fine project I think.

    Many of us are taking breaks in order to get some painting done or to just enjoy the last days of Summer. I think it will be pretty quiet all around the blogoshphere this month.

    Happy painting to you!

  8. Hhmm? Wonder what its gonna be????

  9. Figures are looking fantastic Andrew! The other project looks like it has a lot of promise!!!

  10. Very interesting, I'm looking forward to see some progress of your building project.


  11. Blog when you can. That board looks great already, I'm envious.

  12. Plenty of variety with this post, both actual and potential. Look forward to seeing the next bit.

  13. Love the Warlord!!
    Hopefully I will be painting this weekend.

  14. Nice work - love the Hussars!

  15. I'm green with envy over that warlord, a much more dynamic pose than the one provided with GB's 4pt Scots starter warband. As a fan of all things Scottish, I'll be wanting to see him in all his completed glory!

    And I have to concur with the judgement of my esteemed colleague Millsy; so don't keep us in too much suspense now!

  16. I'm with Dean, I love how the Hussars are coming out. What figures did you use for them?


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