3 September 2013

Bloggers for Charity Play Test

This last weekend I collected Kevin and drove to Morecombe to meet up with James at the residence of his mum and dad, Paul and Sandra. They had kindly agreed to accommodate us all over the weekend so we could nail down all the playing requirements for the charity game.

So before I begin this little report Firstly I have to thank Sandra for the excellent meals and refreshments provided throughout the weekend. Paul for setting up the table and providing all the figures we required for the game allowing us to travel light. Without the kindness and generosity shown the project would not have run as smoothly as it did. I also need to thank Thor for keeping my seat warm.

Secondly if you are not following the madness then I urge you to click the image below and come and join the madness.
Right now onto the matters at hand the play testing.
French come sneaking through the woods
Kev and Paul setting up for  the first run
Just like the real battle we had problems once we got through the woods
Kev drops his Jaw as I roll saving throws
Loki pulls of a minor miracle and saves em all
Game 2 with new reworked forces
Out of the wood and into trouble again
Another French defeat
The first game worked well but we all felt that keeping track of loose skirmishers was an issue and the forces needed a little tinkering. What we did find was that the smaller British force was easily able to deal with the French forces and the battle concluded very much like the real event with the French being beaten back by fire power. It was at this point we agreed that Black Powder would be the rules to use as fighting on this scale is really beyond Muskets and Tomahawks.

With adjusted forces for the second game, myself and James felt we had a good chance to break through. Unfortunately although we tried very hard and got several units into melee, the fire power again proved to be to great a threat and once again we were beaten back.

Sunday saw us have some Saga action. James with Vikings took on Kev with Anglo Danes, Kev won his match. I then swapped places with James and played Paul who swapped places with Kev, again the Anglo Danes won the day aide by Paul doing a lot of running away with his warlord. 

Overall a great weekend and something I hope to repeat on another occasion.


  1. Sounds to have been a great weekend out! I'm quite taken by Thor as he seems to have the wargaming thing down pat.

  2. Sounds to have been a great weekend out! I'm quite taken by Thor as he seems to have the wargaming thing down pat.

  3. Looks like a cracking weekend was had by all!

  4. Thor looks VERY comfortable! :)

  5. was a top weekend but hard work .....
    Peace James

  6. Now that's a good sounding and good looking weekend!

  7. Nice table and looks like you all had great fun!


  8. My saga victory was down to good tuition and ordered retreat (yeh running away from nasty berserk Vikings) thanks

  9. Hola
    Una pinta de una buena partida si señor
    un saludo


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