1 August 2013

Superb Customer Service

Last week I experienced what I call perfect customer service. That service came from Iain at Flags of War.
As you may remember during last years challenge I painted the Neuchatel battalion but had not got the flags for them. I had been researching this unit for along time and had concluded that they carried one of two possible flags into battle, but like many the definitive information is lost to history. I then thought about getting the potential designs made up and who could do this.
My thoughts turned to Iain at Flags of war, in part because I have seen the quality of his flags when working with Martin at warbases, and secondly because he already had a design similar to one I wanted. So I sent an enquiry, his reply was very positive even though he was currently working on WSS flags. A quick exchange of emails and between us we nailed down an easily workable design. What surprised me most was he emailed that same evening asking for my address as he had done my flag. Yes he stopped to make me the necessary changes and cranked the Flag out.

It is in my humble opinion fantastic work, and he will be seeing a lot of my custom in the future. Especially as I will be building a French and British Napoleonic force during this years Challenge.

So what does it look like on the unit.

Bloody fantastic, that's what it looks like and I am very happy.
For me it's great when a small company like this makes the effort to help out a customer, and its us as consumers that should be supporting these ventures.


  1. Nice flags! He does indeed offer great customer service. When I first ordered his ECW flags they were a bit on the small side for me, but he was in the process of making them bigger so when he got wind of my situation he sent me the new upgraded larger ones for free. Now that is what I call customer service!:-)


  2. I have a lot of Ian's flags for my War of 1812 and ACW stuff - I find both the quality of his flags and customer service to be top-flight. Highly recommended.

  3. You are welcome mate. Happy to help :)

  4. That is great service. I will have to book mark them for the future.

  5. A lovely looking flag to top off a beautiful battalion of troops. Great post.

  6. The service from Flags of War is always superb, really great.

  7. Now thats what I call service with a capital S.
    The unit looks superb andy and well done Iain, as the flag really sets the unit off.

  8. Very nice unit mate, your not alone reccomending them, very fast poster and great products.


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