17 August 2013

Shiney bloodyitis has struck

The next couple of posts are automated while I take a break from hobby related matters. Normal service will resume sometime next week before the big play test more on that later.

It has struck again, although its been a while since I have succumbed to this particular infliction. For the large part of the year I have held off and not made any impulse purchases, however I have had my eye on this pick up and play box set for a while, with a similar concept to star wars X wing but set in world war two and unlike the aforementioned comes with 6 pre-painted aircraft that are enough to have a few decent two player games with. It is also an ideal game for me to umpire the youngsters while the shoot each others planes down. I will do a full review of this at a later date.
Next up though is not really an impulse purchase as I am building an Ancient Britons army for Hail Caesar, and while the wife was in town I asked her to pick me this box set up, to bolster my existing forces. This is a handy box set, containing both Infantry and Cavalry commands and some Druids which I will have to do something a bit creative with.


  1. Curses, it has struck again! It gets us all in the end, but I can see why in your case, very nice.

  2. This disease is spreading fast we need to set up a charity to help find the cure for this dreaded disease known as Shinybloodyitus.

  3. I have been afflicted with it for years.
    Tried the Samaritans and even they could'nt help me.
    My loft is now straining with the damn disease.

  4. As Michael said, "it gets us all". Hopefully recovery is not too far away!

  5. it get us all at some time I spent the first six months in the grip of this infliction but have kept on top of it since
    Peace James

  6. I like the tweaks you made to your blog. And I can't wait to see your Ancient Britons! Shine on, you crazy magpie!

  7. I have resisted Angels 20 thus far, if you post too many reports I may weaken. Gauls as Britons!? But seriously I am really looking forward to this project, being a committed 1/72 junkie right now.

  8. Ahh yes I come down with it on an all to regular basis! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


  9. Why condemn yourself? Embrace your shiney bloodyitis I say. Embrace it sir! ;-)


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