11 August 2013

Scenario 1 of a Napoleonic peninsular campaign.

Here is the first scenario that forms part of a campaign that myself and Kevin will be playing over the coming months. Kev has been busy converting all his figures to play Black powder, after much debate we came to some conclusions on unit sizes and ground scale, the conclusions I have already posted.

This post is the notes for the scenario to give you an overview of the battle report that I posted yesterday. This was our first game after the amendments to test a larger game.

La Batalla de las Tres Variedades del Queso (hypothetical)

British Forces are hastily marching from the West and NW to Drive the French out of this Area. The important town of Queixo de Tetilla is the main supplier of resources to the Allied Army and is under threat from a sudden Large French advance into the region from the South.

British Objectives:

Queixo de Tetilla is the main objective giving the British 10 VP'S consideration should be given to the hills surrounding as they will offer 4 VP'S. Queso Ibores must remain defended if you are to maintain some control in the region. Queso Manchego would be a big Prize for sure but only for the Brave!
The British should note that they are out numbered, and should be thoughtful of the victory conditions and decide where to concentrate their forces. They do have some quality over the French, but those Frenchmen will out gun and have larger numbers of cavalry.

French Objectives,
Queixo de Tetilla is the main objective giving the French 10 VP'S and becoming the dominant force in the area as you will have gained access to good supplies. You must hold Queso Manchego and Pequenos Quesos.

The French should note you will have the advantage in numbers with both your cavalry and Artillery, but do not lose sight of your victory conditions. You will be facing some quality foes this day! Do not try to be fool hardy and try to capture so much you cant hold it!!

The Scenario conditions

1. The game lasts for at least 12 full turns, the player who has the highest VP total wins. On turn 9 roll a D3 the game is extended by that many evening turns, 2/3rds visibility

2. To capture a village you must occupy it! Even if it is being Assaulted when the game ends. The hills must be Held by a majority of your forces at the games end.

3. Both players score 2 VP for each enemy unit destroyed or forced to leave the field.

4. both players score 1 VP for each unit shaken at the end.

Game start:

British nominate 2 infantry Brigades units to start game and entry point. The remaining brigades should be noted with an entry point and marked 3 and 5 players choice.

French nominate 2 infantry Brigades to start Game and entry point. The cavalry must be marked 2 the remaining infantry marked 4 and 6 players choice.

On the nominated turn (3,4,5 or 6) the player must roll 2D6 for Infantry brigades, on a score equal / lower than command rating the brigade arrives. However only the commander comes on to the table you must now roll again for the brigade order.  If you are unsuccessful add +1 to your next roll. Cavalry will arrive on turn 2 but player must roll a d6 if he scores more than 3 only 2 units arrive the battery and remainder will follow in the next turn.

you can get all the notes, maps and force lists from my documents folder click the image below.


  1. It is reading something as detailed as this that I realise just how far I have to go in this hobby! Fascinating Andrew and I love the generous file sharing at the end, I did't know how to do that either!

  2. You really have done a great job Andrew in setting this up. I have enjoyed each of the three posts. I am looking forward to your explanation of the campaign process.

    Our group in Montreal is in a similar stage, but we still have not settled on a ruleset yet. We will try our second game of Lasalle in 3 weeks, so we will see how it goes.

    One question, what are you using for the maps, I like them.


    1. The maps are compiled in battle chronicler then I edit what I need in GIMP

  3. A great looking game Andy, and love the docs link, very clever!!!

    1. I thought it may be good to share things with the wider community so did some research on how to share stuff and voila!!


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