28 August 2013

Napoleonic Baden Hussars (Part 1)

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Soon to hit my workbench is a box of Perry Plastic French Hussars. I will however be building and painting these to represent the two units of Hussars, with a bit of clever work I should be able to get two units for our version of Black powder out of one box. The good thing about the Perry boxes are the abundant parts available to convert and represent hussars from many of the French Allied nations.

For the Baden Hussars the biggest hurdle I have found is the lack of any complete and definitive information for this regiment, I have a wealth of reference books and a few colour plates but they all seem to have conflicts within and a Google search only added to the confusion.

If anyone has a copy of the booklet by W J Rawkins - The armies of Baden and Wurttemberg I would be eternally grateful for a copy or a pdf as I have been unable to source this.  

However I will publish my findings here for my future reference and to help anyone who may wish to find some information on this unit themselves.

I found some reference material HERE and HERE. Neither of these cleared up the matter. So armed with all this information I have decided upon the following.

Officer: white over red
Trumpeter: red
Trooper: green
All ranks deep red. Gold detailing for Officers. Trumpeters and troopers yellow.
Campaign overalls:
A mix of green with double red stripe and grey with red stripe (as shown in the 5th image above)
Officers: green with gold lacing
Troopers: green with yellow lacing
Trumpeter: red with yellow lacing
Officer green with white fur
Trooper green with brown fur
Trumpeter red with black fur.
Officer green with gold edge and crowned CF
Trumpeter green with yellow edge and crowned CF
Troopers green with yellow edge.
Officer - green fur gold edge ( sources state dark green or black)
Trooper - white fur green edge
Trumpeter - black fur red edge
Green hessian all rank for dress uniform : Black for campaign dress

This should give me the basis for another nice colourful unit of the Napoleonic period.


  1. Baden is a great choice for painting Hussars as they were very colourful. For references i usually stick with Knottel and Rouselot as they have both served me well. I look forward to seeing your efforts!

  2. Armies of Baden & Wurttemburg - W J Rawkins has been out of print since 1984. My new title Armies of the Grand Duchies of Baden & Berg will be available in January 2014.

    See details on our websire

  3. Baden hussars

  4. Found a link to the books you are looking for:- http://www.thehistorybookman.webeden.co.uk/now-available/4580420160
    I hope this helps.


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