20 August 2013

Last Argument of Kings - a review

So whats this supplement all about then!
This supplement covers the periods of conflict from 1690 through to the end of the Seven years war. The supplement opens with an overview of warfare and tactics in the 18th century. As is expected of modern supplements there are some very nice pictures of toy soldiers throughout the whole book.

There is a good section that gives an overview and good detail on the uniforms of the period. One of the reasons I like to play this period is the diversity of colour available to dress your toy soldiers in. Followed by 4 pages of special rules for the period.

The Army lists are clear easy to read and enable you to build a nice force to play the period or conflict you wish. These should suit the seasoned player or the newcomer to the period as they are very thoroughly constructed. There is also a nice amount of history to go with each list.
Armies covered are:
Britain, Sweden, Russia, The Ottoman's, Austria, France, Highlanders, Prussia, Colonial Europeans in America, Native Americans, Colonial Europeans in India and Native India.

So not every nation for every period but enough to allow you to game many periods armed with good information, they also serve as a good starting point to construct the minor nations if you wish.

Included in the book are 8 scenarios of some significant battles from the period, included in that is a rather nice campaign for the Jacobite rebellion of 1745.

Summing up would I recommend this even if I had paid full price. This is definitely value for money, well presented and a very good read. I am happy to have this in my library of rules and as I am enjoying Black Powder as a set of rules this is going to help. It will benefit both the experienced player but most of all any newcomer to the hobby or period will enjoy it. Black powder as a standalone set of rules can be generic but with these added supplements come the tweaks that adapt it to the period.

So yes I would recommend this one and rate it 8 out of 10.


  1. My Dad has a copy of this I might have to pick one up too, my fav era
    Peace James

  2. A good and honest review, but probably not for me - I have enough to keep me distracted for quite a while already!

  3. I own it and enjoyed reading it too. Generally I prefer Maurice or British Grenadier for this period BP does offer a fun and easy alternative at times as well.


  4. Thanks for the review Andrew!

  5. Good book, really enjoyed reading it, very useful and love the Jacobite campaign.

  6. Do these books offer painting guides for the troops at all?

  7. Thanks for the reviews on the Black Powder supplements. Helpful indeed.


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