13 August 2013

Bloggers for Charity Book

Edwin King is a blogger and also sells old books he had 5 copies of The Battle for Quebec which he kindly agreed that all money raised from the sale of these books will go to our charity fund, over on the other blog I am currently involved with Bloggers for charity click the logo on the right and go visit if you have not been before.

I decided that it was High time that I purchased the book for myself. I have to say communications were excellent and the book was ordered, paid for and dispatched in very short order.

I will be having a good read of this while I am away for a few days. However what has surprised me is the fact that these were not snapped up in double quick time so I would urge you if you have a spare fiver and want to help out the charities then please follow this link and send Edwin a message if you are interested there are now only 3 copies left.


  1. Got one of these from Edwin and it's a really good read. It covers much more than just the battle and is excellent background reading on the campaign and the war in general. It's a huge bargain!

    The book arrived quickly and in first class condition.

  2. whats with this dynamic view, I do not believe you have gone over to the dark side Loki. Book looks interesting BTW
    Peace James


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