16 July 2013

The Three Musketeers - well almost !

This is another post of me calling for a bit of community spirit and highlighting the blogs of three jolly good fellows and their gaming. they are all part of our old gaming group and can often be found battling with each other.
So I present in no particular order:

1. Cheaphammer - a blog with a name that does exactly what it means. Kieron is a friend and fellow blogger that does everything on a budget, and achieves some great results. There is a little something for everyone here.

2. Paintbrush and superglue - Matt is another of the friends and bloggers, who has a wide variety of tastes, including his home brew rules. This blog is worthy of a little more attention than it gets.

3. Dice games are for Losers - Pete also plays and blogs and as his blog suggests spends time on the wrong end of the dice gods. He is a relative newcomer to this blogging malarkey but again his site is worth a look and mention.

Both Kieron and Matt started there blogging journeys around the same time as me and deserve a little more attention than they currently get. I could not leave Pete out either as he makes up the trio nicely. So pop over and say Hi to these nice folks.

Thank you


  1. Thanks for the heads up, we could all do with a few more viewers.

  2. Nice blogs; I'm following now. I do really like the name, "Cheaphammer"

  3. Cheers dude! Wondered why my member count had gone up 50% overnight!

  4. You had me at Cheaphammer.

  5. Thanks for pointing these out. Good blogs.

  6. Thank you every one for popping over to the mentioned blogs

  7. I shall definitely be popping over to have a look.

  8. Added all 3. Very nice of you to draw some attention to your friends.

  9. Let's go! if it's been said in the feast at Loki's great hall it must be true

  10. It´s good to know new bloggers. Look for them!

  11. All of a sudden I think I need to get more posts up! Thanks for the mention Andy!


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