28 July 2013

Scratch Building Basic 28mm scale Round houses - Part 3

In the final instalment, I shall attempt to complete the round houses. If you missed part 1 or 2 they can be found HERE and HERE.

So after a good night drying the roof is ready for some paint.
Right now I have base coated in a dark brown as I want to give these a recently thatched appearance, if I wanted old thatch I would have started with black.
Next stage is a heavy dry brush of a sandy colour, if you want old thatch a mid grey colour. At this stage the second section of thatch looks a bit angular dont worry we will sort this once all the paint is properly dried.
The final stage is a quick dry brush with an off white, old thatch would get a light grey.
Once all this has dried take a sharp knife to all the bottom edges and make a series of small cuts to soften the edges and make them a little ragged looking again.
So onto the main structure, cut 6 posts the height of the tube, I used kebab skewers.
Evenly space the 6 posts on the outside of the tube.
Then set this aside to dry off for a bit.
Next up make some door frames and doors, balsa and some matchsticks for me. Trim to the desired height.
Then glue into place between two posts.
Fix the whole lot onto a base and texture as desired.
once the above step has dried enough to handle texture the walls between the posts and around the door.
Liberally base coat model once the texture has dried.
Then start to dry brush up to a finish, once done flock the base and they are ready to play.
I did give the interiors a quick brush over to lighten them as well but forgot to take pictures. These now have a new home along with several other bits I had to hand. You can of course get far more detailed and add a porch, thicker walls but these are just to get you going on some basics. You can also use the basic design to go further afield and they would make mud huts etc.

I hope you enjoyed this set of posts. Feel free to ask any questions about making them and I will try to answer them for you.


  1. What a great tutorial and what wonderful building they are too. Top work there

  2. Very very nice Andrew! I might have some thatching to do soon so I will keep this post in mind!

  3. A fabulous tutorial and brillent results, thank you Andrew.

  4. Great work Andrew, well explained for the masses!

  5. Turned out very well !!!

    best regards Michael

  6. Really good tutorial, just make sure you keep some back for Blog-Con ;-)


  7. Excellent final result! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Thank you a lot for this interesting and useful tutorial!

  9. Good tutorial. I seem to waffle between Teddy Bear fur and Bar towel for thatching. I once used scenic straw and that was a mess.

  10. Those just turned out wonderful Andrew!!


  11. Fantastic huts and step by step shots. You certainly make it look easy, but I'm sure I couldn't do it as well. Best, Dean

  12. An excellent and easy to follow guide on superb terrain making.
    Thanks for sharing,

  13. Thanks for sharing how to make this.

  14. Thank you. This is definitely on the To Do list now.

  15. Brilliant! I have wanted to put some round huts in my Dark Ages village for awhile now and these came out wonderfully. Thanks for the great tutorial!

    Now following your blog too - love your painting!


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