26 July 2013

Scratch Building Basic 28mm scale Round houses - Part 2

So we finished yesterdays post with the basic structure completed, today will be sorting out the roofs.

First up a sharp knife and some sandpaper, cut the roof roughly to the desired shape and then smooth the dense styrene surface with some sandpaper.
Keep checking that they fit snugly and don't sand the rim we created to hold the roof on!

Now we are ready to start thatching.
Equip yourself with some  pva, teddy bear fur, a compass, pot of pins and a ruler.
Right now mark and cut out a circle that has a diameter approx 30mm larger than your hut, you can make it bigger for a larger overhang, and trim back later.
Take your circle and make one cut to the centre.
Right now start to pin the roof in place to check it fits and find the overlap area, and remove the excess.
Pinning in place as you go, then flip over to check its overhanging evenly.
Now its going to get a little messy, coat the underside in pva and start working around the roof, ensuring the fur is coated in the pva as you go.
What you end up with is something resembling the wife's hair first thing in the morning!! and it now needs a bit of a sort out, an old comb comes in handy to comb the fur from the apex down.
As you can see a quick tidy up and its starting to look like a thatched roof. Pay attention to the join as this is the point you can hide it
you can add more layers by following the steps above using a smaller diameter circle each time.
So there we have our roof thatched and it all needs to be left overnight to dry properly. In the next part we shall complete the project.


  1. Very nice tutorial !

    Best regards Michael

  2. That's just brilliant, you make that look really simple and such a great result.

  3. I think Michael sums it up Andy.
    A bloody great tutorial and a lovely roundhouse in the making

  4. I have just finished building some 4-Ground houses and waiting for the teddy bear fur to dry. I am thinking about how to paint it, I believe you are about to tell me.


    1. John I will be the final post is set for Sunday.

  5. Great post Andy keep them coming
    Peace James

  6. Great way to make a roof! Thanks for sharing!



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