13 July 2013

Making 15mm Bocage - Part 3

In the final instalment I shall finish the bocage sections. When we left we had all the foliage attached to our bases, so we need to make them a bit more robust.

We need a tin of cheap EXTRA STRONG hairspray and a can of matt clear sealer.
Give your bocage a light but all over coat of hairspray and leave it to dry for a while, this removes and last loose bits and starts to stiffen it all up. Once that has dried (about 15 minutes) you then need to add more hairspray, this time from close up and soak the foliage this should really stiffen it up after it has dried ( this can take 90 minutes) DO NOT BE TEMPTED to speed up the drying with a hair drier I can assure you the only thing you will achieve is a big mess. If you are using this for yourself and are good with handling your terrain then you dont need the next stage.

After the hairspray for additional strength soak all the foliage in plasti-kote Matt clear sealer and leave to dry overnight. It will then be ready to flock and finish.
Now we take our pieces of bocage and start to finish them off, remove any bits of loose foliage.
Cover the base in PVA, going up the banks as you feel need it, leave a few bare patches of earth and rocks for effect.
Add generously your flock, and tap it off again, do this to every piece and you will have the finished article.
I got through all this in about three hours. There is a good mix of sections, t-pieces, corners, gapped sections, end pieces and some with trees as well. Once all the glue has dried its ready to use.

That's the end of this particular guide, I hope you found it of some interest. If you don't have the time to make it yourself then you can always place an order with me at Terra Firma Studios HERE and I will make it for you.


  1. They are jolly effective and good

  2. Thanks Andrew for this very informative group of posts on making bocage. Now all I have to do is put it into practice!!!

  3. Love the Bocage, I am sure some good folks will put it into practice


  4. What a fantastic tutorial, well done Andrew.

  5. Greate work !!!

    Best regards Michael

  6. Great tutorial Andrew, top work as usual!

  7. Great tutorial and wonderful results Andrew!


  8. Fabulous work Andrew - they look fantastic on the table.

  9. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!


  10. (Resurrecting a dead thread)

    Are you still doing this commercially? The club doesn't seem to have enough despite buying a batch off you a while back :D

    1. Sorry I have long since stopped due to ill health however I do have the moulds still and know someone who may be able to do this for you, I will get in contact with him then get him to contact you Mike

    2. You are a star. Much appreciated :D


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