29 July 2013

Loki Pie Anyone ?

A couple of weeks ago 'GI' James braved the trip across the Pennines to the humble abodes of both myself and Kevin.

The main event of the day was to discuss the bloggers for charity event, and nail down some positives for that. We will be making a trip to Morecombe in the near future for some playtesting of the demo game.

Once business was taken care of it was time to give James a first run out with Saga.
James had the use of my Vikings for a little run out against Kev and his bloody Danes.
The game went well with James focussing on the destruction of Kevs army in a thoroughly Viking like fashion
Good fun was had by both players though James did forget about trying to kill the enemy Warlord until it was a bit too late :)

We had a break at this point for some light refreshments in the form of a blindingly large roast dinner cooked and served by Charlie, Kev's wife and as a special treat for afters we had!!
Loki pie with lashing of custard as well.

This was all followed with another game of Saga this time we played the all out kill version that is Feast for Crows.
As you can see from this image above it was not very fortunate for me !!! although Ragnar lays in Valhalla now he went down fighting and he actually survived three rounds of Melee. The Final game was won by James who had killed more of my warband than Kev had. Basically Loki came last due to being outnumbered heavily :)


  1. This Loki pie looks great but not enough to strengthen Ragnar


  2. Good looking Loki pie......Loki!

  3. Looks like a great gaming session:)

    Best regards Michael

  4. Very nice looking games – and pie!

  5. Great pie! And a great gaming time too! Very nice figures and terrain.

  6. Pie looks fantastic and so do the games, nice one Andrew!

  7. Gaming + Food is a clear win in my book

    The Saga games looked great

  8. Thats the stuff a true SAGA is made from! Heroic last stands and afterwards great catering in vallhall.
    Loki must have been laughing^^

  9. Compliments to the chef ;) Looks like you had a fun night.


  10. Like the look of both the pie and the games!


  11. Looks like a load of fun! And that pie is... EPIC!

  12. A nice report and a good read.
    Especially the pie looks excellent... ;-)


  13. Looks like some good games, and the pie looks most excellent.

  14. As much as I love your AAR, the pie is calling me! That was sooo clever, and delicious, I bet.

  15. You really did have your pie and ate it! Sensational!!!


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