4 July 2013

A little bit of community spirit.

Vulcanologist was a new follower who joined the longship when I ran the 2 year anniversary competition. I have followed his blog regularly since that time. In fact he was and still is new to blogging having only started in April this year.

There is a little bit of everything hobby related for you to see and some rather nice painting to boot as well. So please show a little community spirit, take a look at his blog:

One of the things I appreciated when I began blogging was the help some fellow bloggers gave me in widening my own audience. I am amazed that he still only has 5 followers and want to help him widen his audience as he really deserves it. I'm sure you wont be disappointed and if you enjoy the read, please follow his adventures.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this:



  1. Excellent find thanks for sharing (followed!)

  2. Very nice! I thought I'd pick up a few followers as I went along, reached the dizzy heights of 7 so far! Someone with his painting ability should have more. Always a pleasure to see well painted models.

  3. Done - there some wonderful painting on his blog. Plus one should always support a Englishman who has seen light and realized the natural superiority of American Football over that "other" game

  4. Fran helped me a lot in the beginning and you never forget those people. I shall pop by and pay a visit.

  5. Thanks there are bringing this blog to my attention and it is always good to help.

  6. Cheers for highlighting this Blog. I remember when i started out and had single figures of followers.

  7. Wow, you friend does great figure painting. SO nice of you, Loki to promote him. Btw, I love the new look here!

  8. Hi Andrew
    Been working a new job so hadn't checked into my blog for a few days so imagine my surprise when I did and saw my followers and page views had skyrocketed!
    Quickly discovered the reason and I can't thank you enough!
    Without trying to sound too soppy, you've been a massive support and your terrific Blog and hobbycraft has been a huge inspiration since I started so again thank you.
    As you point out I'm still new to all of this so the advice and guidance is a great help. And thanks too everyone else for taking the time to check my blog out, I've been bowled over by the community spirit of everyone!

  9. To everybody that has read this post and popped over thank you for taking the time and trouble to show what community spirit really is.


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