23 June 2013

Talavera - The battle for the redoubt Part 2.

Thursday saw Myself, Kevin, Karl and Glenn switch sides and fight a scenario from Talavera. The first part can be found HERE. Kev has already provided a synopsis of the battle. At the end of the last game Kev and I offered to switch sides and refight the battle to prove that the Westphalians and Polish could win the game.

Karl took charge of Kemmis's brigade and Glenn commanded Myer's brigade, whilst I had Grand Jean's and Potockis's brigades and Kevin commanded Porbeck's and Chasse's brigades.

Initial deployments were very similar to last time we played although I swapped the starting position for my two brigades, as I wanted the two higher grade line units to protect my flank. Kevin and I had agreed that we would start the game on the offensive and begin on move orders and once free of the olive grove terrain penalties launch a full assault.
Karl had adopted my tactic of charging out with the cavalry to stop the flank from developing, however his plan was scuppered after the first round of melle saw his horses blown and returning to their own lines at charge speed, this would give me at least two turns to push the flank and get into the British of Kemmis.
Meanwhile on the other flank Kev and Glenn were locked in a full melee with a brigade each.
Glenn wipes away the tears as his brigade crumbles before his eyes.
While Kev breaks out into full dad dancing mode at his success.
Turn 3 and the assault is now in full flow and despite some good shots from the artillery the morale tests for being charge were not so good.

The 12lb battery disperses and the 9lb battery stands, this is not good for the British as capture of the redoubt is now inevitable, the British will now have to recapture the redoubt to win the game.
Karl and Glenn resigned to their fate, realising Myself and Kevin had practically won the game within three turns.
The game concludes after 7 turns as it the British have no option but to withdraw, Glenn had lost a brigade and his second brigade had 50% of its troops in retreat. Karl was being assaulted by two full infantry brigades and was unable to get to the redoubt as he was fully engaged. and being attacked on his flank at the same time. He had been unable to get the cavalry back into the game.

This was a great game and we did at least show Glenn and Karl the weaker French side could get the result if they were played with some aggression. Next week sees us venture into the Seven Years War.


  1. looks like a great game was had by all, not sure about the Dad dancing
    Peace James

  2. Must have been a good day.


  3. Cracking looking game and a decisive victory no less - great job Sir.

  4. Nice looking game and troops. Sounds like a great time. Peninsular War is my favorite for Napoleonics. Dean

  5. Very nice Talavera refight! Great looking game...

  6. Really nice looking game and I must say looking forward to your Seven Years War outing!


  7. Great photos of a great looking game!

  8. Heeey!! whats wrong with my Dad dancing, haha.
    Was a great game though.
    Looking forward to some BP "SYW" this thursday.
    Great report Andy..

  9. Wow... would love to have been a "spy on the wall." LOL

  10. Looking great! Great formations, just the way Napoleonics should be!

  11. Thank you all for the comments, this is a period Kevin an I really do have some fun playing, we always try to take the game seriously. With the full spirit of it being a game, at the end of the day and should be an enjoyable experience.

  12. Excellent AAR and beautiful looking game. Well done!


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