20 June 2013

My Community Currency and Blog Overhaul

Today is an auto post as I should be having a nice game of Napoleonics at Kev's tonight, if everything goes to plan. Pictures and a report will follow in due course.

Expanding on my earlier post about the idea bounced between myself an James "Great Idea" Brewerton, who coined the war games community currency term. I have been thinking about my own currency for this simple venture.

The most obvious one is the fact that I make terrain almost daily as it is my occupation, so I can offer that mainly in exchange for other things I would like.

The other point about my WANTED list is that it is not set in stone, so please if you would like something I have to offer then please put forward your idea for exchange of services. After all it may not be on my list but I am a war gamer after all, and suffer shiny-bloody-itis, butterfly syndrome and a whole raft of other issues. In other words I want it but don't know it yet until the opportunity arises.

An example of me being open to an exchange that differs is the first deal negotiated between myself and James. My original desire at the beginning of the year was a painted 6pt Anglo Dane faction. James offered Scots or Irish, I chose Irish. He wanted a 4ft x 4ft gaming table, you wont find one of them on my website as I dont often accept commissions of that nature any more due to workload, however James being aware I can do them desired this in return for the Saga  faction, so I accepted. We will have both gained something that will very much be used by us both without having to spend any further money.

The observant among you will have spotted the new web ring gadget in the upper left of the blog, this will navigate you to other members of the group who are adopting the community currency principle. Each one will have this gadget on their own blogs to show they are open to a swap. There is also a new Tab at the top of this very blog for my own offerings.

James has also started to gather thoughts on a blogger's convention, another of his I have a great idea moments, details e.t.c. to be organised and would like your input on the idea please take a moment to pop over and comment HERE

The final part of this post is to inform you that I have  hopefully finished tinkering with the make over of the blog. Hopefully I have improved the final look and feel of the pages and improved the links and labels to aid navigation through my mutterings and aimless drivel.
I have also changed the fonts and size of the damn things to make reading a little easier. Relocated many of the gadgets and altered the placement for easier viewing.

As always I would appreciate your feedback and if you can spot anything that is not right please leave me a message.


  1. Great post, hope you are having a great game at Kev's
    Blog looks great very easy to read.
    Peace James

  2. Looks good to me Andrew, hope the game goes well!

  3. I like the new look to your blog and I hope your game went well

  4. I think the changes look good enough to appropriate for my own blog. I'm getting fed up with Dynamic views. I'll have a gander at your Currency page.

  5. Great to hear you pursuing James' con idea. Interesting new gadget you added - will be perusing it. Best, Dean


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