3 June 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks - French regular infantry (part 3)

Here is my first painting guide, I had planned to publish this in one post but as I haven't been at the brushes since my release from hospital I decided that it would be better to publish the guide for these in two parts.

The first thing to do is ensure the model is properly under coated, in this case I will be using black.
I then base coat the flesh I wont explain the flesh painting as I have covered this in a previous guide HERE.
I try to work my figures from inside to out where possible so next up is to work the undergarments.
Step 1. Coat D'Arms Red Brown (CDA 520) as a base coat on the waistcoat.
Step 2. Coat D'Arms Russet Red (CDA 237) first highlight leaving a small hint of the former colour in the recesses.
Step 3. Vallejo Game Color (VGC Bloody Red) on the high edges again leaving a small edge of the previous colour.
Step 4. Vallejo Game Colour (VGC Hot Orange) a few small dots on the highest points of the creases and cloth edges.
The next stage is to base coat the bulk of the remaining uniform details. Trousers and Outer coat - Coat D'Arms Horse Tone Grey (CDA 236), Leggings and shirt - Coat D'Arms Horse tone Dun (CDA221) followed by a first highlight Coat D'Arms Bone (CDA 112), Cuffs - Coat D'Arms Royal Blue (CDA 110)
The final thing I do at this stage is tidy up any base colour that has accidentally been over painted.
Thats all for now, the next instalment will be the final one for this set of figures.


  1. Looking good Loki, hope you are fully back on the brushes soon
    Peace James

  2. Looks great; I must say these sculpts remind me a lot of the Foundry SYW French I have. Best, Dean

  3. Very nice! A great "how to".

  4. Fecking hell he's good, how are you feeling Andrew anyway?

    1. I have regained the feeling in my right hand now, but am taking things slowly and haven't pushed the recovery or my luck. I will be attempting some painting later this week, and will have to see how that goes.

    2. Good to hear Andrew, a giant of a man like you shouldn't be suffering this crap!

    3. Its my own fault always running at full pelt like I was still 20 years old, It has scared the heck out of those close to me as well and all have realised we are not as young as we think we are. A small change of lifestyle will be good for us all.

    4. We're all guilty of that Andrew, time is sometimes a kick in the ass!

  5. Hola
    Muy bonitas
    un saludo

  6. Thanks for posting this latest in the painting series. I had forgotten about your guides. Good stuff to read before gearing up for Bloggers for Charity.

  7. Thank you Sir, love the tri colour palette you used, next lesson please.
    Will be great to see you back on the brushes Andy.
    Not even touched my new FiW Brits yet.
    We have a lot of painting for charity to get on with so they may have to wait a while.

  8. Looks great Andrew and hope you get back to your brushes soon as I can imagine how your just itching to paint!



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