14 June 2013

Mid way through the year a review 2013

January seems a long time ago now, but back then I set myself some TARGETS for the year. So as we swing into the second half of the year I thought I would take stock of the current situation and my progress towards the goals I set.

Now regular readers will know I have a real problem with the war gamers butterfly, the aim was to be focussed and in control for the year to see some projects completed so I had balance.
I.E. both forces for certain conflicts and games that I play.

1. 6 point Anglo Dane force for Saga (not even started this one, but may have solved this in another way)

2. 50 stands of Union ACW (Kev is steadily working through the lead pile for this one)

3. Desert Rats or Americans for the desert. ( I have completed this one with a British Heavy armoured company)

I am also pleased to have completed my half of the Zulu project. Sadly though progress on the Napoleonic's is almost at a stand still and will probably be saved now for the winter challenge as the butterfly has taken over see further down the page.

I have met a couple of important personal blog targets this year, firstly I did manage to get 100 followers, I am grateful to all of you who take the time to join me in this venture and give your time to read my ramblings. I have also managed to increase my output, hopefully without to many rubbish posts, and have already exceeded last years total post count.

The last part of my plan was to build terrain for several projects and that area is fully on course and should be met at the year end.

The Napoleonic issue is the area that I have been curve balled by that butterfly, I got into Muskets and Tomahawks, and have diverted a fair bit of time into that instead. In addition to that I decided it was time to give something back and joined James in the Bloggers for Charity planning, and will be devoting plenty of time to ensure that venture is completely successful.

I look forward to the second half of the year, as I will be making a start on the Tables for the demo game, and I will be painting both Ray and Fran's prizes from my draw.


  1. I think your year is going well at least you have a few plans I have so many plans that I am being pulled too thin. I have started to drag myself together in the last month or so.
    Peace James

  2. A good selection of projects and you are a lot more focused than me. Look forward to seeing the second half of the years work.

  3. I think you have done pretty well. it is always good to come up with an alternative plan for a SAGA warband. I will look forward to hearing about your solution.


  4. A good plan Sir, especially getting my figures done...he he!


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