17 June 2013

Like Father Like Son

Sometimes the idioms of life come true, and my Loki's in training decided the best toys in the shop were :

Yes these two are already a handful, affectionately nicknamed as Seven and Five. One being a right hander and the other a left hander they employ the massed attack well. SWMBO decided on the grounds of Health and Sanity this particular toy was unsuitable for purchase, after the two of them decided the best thing to show her how good they were, and how much they wanted them, was to hold a fight in the middle of the shop... Hmmmm wonder were they get that from


  1. Ahh. You must be proud.
    Well chosen arms I would say.

  2. I think they should have gone for a Dane axe.
    Great looking family you have there Loki
    Peace James

  3. ;)
    Household-6 gave me her evil eye when she heard our girls playing COD on the playstation. "Shoot him the face, he doesn't have body armor there" apparently isn't approved of! Grazing, enfilade, and suppression fire are also not terms tweenage and younger girls should know either!

  4. They look cool, they should have been allowed to get them!

  5. Absolutely priceless! A couple of chips off the old axe head eh?

  6. Hola
    Muy simpáticos los pequeños,se nota que les gusta y se lo pasan bien
    un saludo

  7. Looks like they will be following in their Fathers footsteps!


  8. I sense trouble in the years to come! Great post.

  9. I really do wonder where they get that from.


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