18 June 2013

Huge Brain Fart

Apologies to all who have spurious updates appear in the name of Loki during the last couple of hours.

In my wisdom I decided that I needed to clean my blog up a little and condense some of the labels to make easier searching for stuff. However my big fat stupid fingers have obviously pushed a few wrong buttons. Whilst my brain failed to engage on what they were doing.
Now I have to thank Kev for pointing out my stupidity ( He always does take these opportunities) as he phoned me to ask when did I do some Lasalle play-testing of home brew amendments, I replied 2 years ago, it was then he told me I had just blogged it !! Yep I had amended the post date in error.

I have also published a couple of dodgy drafts that I was preparing. So my most sincere apologies to you all. Hopefully normal service will resume in the coming hours. I do hope that the blog will look far tidier once I have completed the task and you can find posts more efficiently in the future



  1. thats old age for you lol
    looking forward to the new stream lined Lokis Great Hall
    Peace James

  2. I missed it all. No worries anyway, don't let it stop you from tinkering around under the old blog hood.

  3. Old age is a terrible thing:P

  4. We all do things like that, most of us just don't admit it ;) Best, Dean

  5. Better a brain fart than the other kind.


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