10 June 2013

Heading off to Ebay

Things have been very quiet here again, I have managed to get a short session on the brushes over the weekend and should be able to complete the French Infantry painting guide this week. It does appear the only negative aspect of my recent illness, is me needing a new pair of glasses as my vision is partly impaired as I could not focus correctly on the miniatures.

It's times like these that cause extra pressure on domestic finances, however I have a cunning plan and have some nicely painted lead that is technically surplus to my needs so I am going to dispatch it to Ebay this Thursday to hopefully pay for some new glasses.

I will be selling some Conquest Miniatures Rangers, all nicely painted and based for Muskets & Tomahawks. In total I have five units, two units of six figures will start at £18.00 and the three units of eight figures will start at £24.00. If any one reading this wants to purchase them before they get to Ebay I will give you free postage if in the UK or £7.00 worldwide. The terrain is obviously not included.
Unit 1 - 6 colonial rangers

Unit 2 - 6 colonial rangers

Unit 3 - 8 colonial rangers (Gorehams)

Unit 4 - 8 colonial rangers (Rodgers)

Unit 5  - 8 colonial rangers


  1. Superbly painted! Love them all. Best, Dean

  2. Hola
    Muy bueno si señor
    un saludo

  3. Best of luck with those Andrew as I know how blasted expensive a new pair of specs can be!

  4. Good luck with those, they should do well!

  5. They're very nice and should make a great price, good luck with them!

  6. They look great Andrew and I suspect selling them shouldn't be a problem!


  7. I dont blame you bud, you have far too many Rangers, lol.
    These will fly off ebay Andy.


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