29 June 2013

Dystopian Islands

Something that is normally off my radar is fantasy terrain. However Kelly has been spending a lot of time with me lately and is hooked on Dystopian wars from Spartan games. He then managed to convince me that I should be making some islands for scenery I suspect he had an ulterior motive, but me being suitably gullible soon had my pencil out and was designing, followed by lots of cutting, glueing, painting and flocking.
The following was produced alongside my normal workload this week.
I knocked up 9 islands of varying sizes and shapes. each has its own features and Kelly at least is pleased with the finished result.
These two are the large Islands, both have predominantly rocky features.

This one was a bit of fun with an inactive volcano as the main feature.
A shot of some of the smaller islands.


  1. Neat set of islands which should add to any game

  2. Nice islands Andrew - could be used for a variety of games. Pirates anyone?

  3. Great looking islands - the one with the volcano reminds me of the island from the Tom Hanks movie "Cast Away"

  4. Those are superb! I love the sandy beaches.

  5. Very nice modeling there Andrew. Dystopian Island stuff is on sale everywhere right now and the markdowns are huge. I'm wondering if they are retiring part of the line.

  6. Very creative Andrew and they look great!


  7. Love these - well done! We quite like the game but I need to get some more island terrain to break up the table...

  8. Your terrain skills are superb, well done.



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