19 June 2013

Block house "Loki" style - Part 1

I got one of the Warbases  block houses to add to my scenery for the French Indian Wars, and decided that I would do a few modifications. materials needed, plasticard, 6mm dowel, medium talus, kebab skewers, coffee stirrers and 5mm square balsa.
The kit itself is fantastic and can be built and painted up as is, but I wanted to give mine a more enhanced look. I started by adding some interior details to the upper floor. Coffee stirrers
As this is essentially a gaming piece for Muskets and Tomahawks, I decided not to cut a hole in the floor and make a ladder to go between the two levels. As movement between floors will still use an action.
Next up I started cladding the exterior, to give it a realistic log finish. Kebab skewers are just the right size.
The bottom of the building gets some stone work detailing ( medium talus) around the lower perimeter. I also reduced the lower section window height by 4 mm as I wanted them to be more like small firing slots than square window holes.
Next job was to start cladding the top section exterior, and make a larger roof. The roof was extended by 10mm cut from plasticard to account for the extra thickness of the log cladding and allow me to add some heavy timber supports (6mm Dowel).


  1. Excellent modification with the log exterior. Dean

  2. It already looks great Andrew and I'll steal..err borrow that is some of your ideas when I do mine.


  3. looking good Loki will enjoy fighting around and in this
    Peace James

  4. I see what you mean now buddy, that is looking great.
    Gonna have some fun trying to get into this.

  5. A superb bit of enhancing Andrew, I must eat more Kebabs!

  6. That is looking amazing and like Michael I must eat more kebabs

  7. Lovely stuff Andrew, looks great!


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