11 June 2013

Blimey, I found something useful

Its strange when you buy things years ago and put them away and come to discover them a lot later.

Many years ago I used to own a sizable 28mm Confederate force and had started collecting items of terrain to complement the gaming table. Time passed and the army got sold a long time ago to fund another project, however it appears that an item of terrain had been shoved in a box and forgotten.

 I found a timber gun redoubt set from, I believe Redoubt enterprises the same manufacturer as my figures were. So I thought it was high time it got completed and sent to a new home. I know just the person this is suitable for now it will serve for most periods as well which is very handy.

I'm sure the lucky recipient will blog the full redoubt once he gets it so wont spoil the fun for him by revealing all the details. I enjoyed making this set up and will benefit from playing games that this will feature in many times over in future.


  1. That looks rather splendid, an excellent bit of kit.

  2. He'll be a lucky bugger, nice one Andrew.

  3. Mmmmmmmm, nice bud, this coming my way ?
    Do I need to find a nice space for it in my games room ?


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