9 May 2013

Would you really have Loki as the best Man !!

This post is scheduled as my good buddy of many years is about to relinquish his freedom once again, and is getting married to Charlie tomorrow. It is an honour to be chosen as the best man, why he asked me I have no clue as there has to be safer bets than I with a skin full.

In true Gaming spirit we are having a wargame tonight on the eve of the wedding, we are hardcore!!! and at the time of this post I should be shooting a naval landing party subject to the dice gods approval.

Charlie his wife to be has given me the brief on the requirements of the best man speech, to be kept clean devoid of any naughty references to Kevs past etc etc and knows I will ignore 99.9% of said info.  I've seen the speech and its far from safe, were's the fun in that.

Charlie is Lord of the Rings obsessed or should that be possessed so I can guess this image will be in her mind tomorrow. Talking of rings, is it me or is it ironic that "The One Ring" that has the ability to bind mankind and bring nothing but pain and misery to the world looks suspiciously like a wedding ring!!!

All that remains is for me to wish them well for the day ahead tomorrow, as I will be busy consuming alcohol after a visit to the pawn shop with said 'precious'.


  1. Hope all goes well with the speech, best of luck!

  2. Knew u wouldn't listen Loki. Lol lol. I'm sure your speech will be great. Cartoon made me laugh. Nerves kicking in a bit now. See you and Gill tomoz :)

  3. Good Luck, before we sent a Reject of on his second marriage adventure we had a gaming stag night and the lovely Cherry B!

  4. Hope it all goes well for everyone tomorrow
    Peace James

  5. Good luck with the best man duties and hope the wedding goes well for everyone :)

  6. Great post, hope all goes well on the day for all!

  7. Sounds like lots of fun.


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