21 May 2013

Triples 2013 - my haul

My haul from weekend was extremely modest by my standards and I normally spend a small fortune. However I am being fairly good this year and sticking roughly to the years plans.

I do have a weakness however when it comes to books and seeing a copy of the uniforms of AWI was to hard to resist and it sort of follows on from the FIW project I am doing and will form part of my plans for later this year.

I picked up a couple of packs of bases from warbases, I will need a lot of these over the coming months.

3 sets of the Foundry paint system were acquired, it really makes painting simple for me.

I did receive some more lead from Andrew at AW Miniatures to bulk out my French regular unit to 12 figures and he kindly threw in a British officer and NCO.

My bargain of the day was the Celtic Battle heroes book for the princely sum of £3.00 off the bring and buy,   it has info on 4 heroes,  two of those that intrigue me, Macbeth and Fionn MacCumhail are dark age heroes.

My last purchase was a ruin from commission figurines which I wanted to build and will blog this item in the future.

The rest of my weekend has already been documented and published in the earlier post.


  1. Loot is loot, and that is a win in my book.

  2. A small haul but at least the mrs must have been happy!!

    1. she nearly fell over at the sight of me an two carrier bags!! normally I get into a lot of bother

  3. Modest but well directed


  4. I managed to leave with out picking up any of the stuff I actually needed I was just so busy talking I guess (lack of sleep may not have helped)

  5. Nice collection of stuff Andrew...I like the look of the AWI painting guide.

  6. The AWI book is a good one and Foundry paints are always great!


  7. There is a "local" store about an hour from my home. On occassion, I will go to pick up "a few pots of paint". My wife says that is wargameresse for paints, magazines, books, and a fistful to two of minis! ;) For shows, I'm given a limit as lists although made are never adherred to!

  8. I always make sure to take only the amount of cash I can spend and leave my credit cards put away at shows. Of course, I usually sneak a few extra twenties when the missus isn't looking.

  9. I have the AWI uniform book, it's excellent.

  10. I did notice how reserved you were.
    I myself spent up as you know, although I didn't really get that much.
    Charlie really enjoyed the show.

  11. The AWI book is great. Very nice haul Andrew!


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