16 May 2013

Triples 2013 awaits and a new blog page

The Wargames train arrives in Sheffield, the annual weekend event Triples is this weekend.

Two years ago I had just completed a major terrain build for a Saga Demonstration game with a couple of former club members.
This table has featured in Wargames Illustrated several times since and now belongs to the boys at Gripping Beast.

This year Triples will be a different event for me as my shopping list is very small, However I plan to be very busy as  I meet up with James, Mike and Kev, all fellow bloggers to discuss plans for a charity event at Triples 2014. Plans are already under way with some battle plans drawn up and a few traders to discuss plans with. I will be getting involved with the project and will be offering advice and skills for the terrain build.

I cant say any more at present until we have something concrete to take forward. So watch this space for more news. It promises to be a very good year!! its always good to give something back too.

I have also put up a new page on this very blog, I am selling off some terrain. I inherited all the terrain that I made for the now dissolved club, and have kept what I need for gaming. However there is a large amount of it and most has not even been used therefore I have decided to sell this off. I thought I would give you all a chance to purchase this directly from me. I have spent a few hours installing a PayPal checkout for the items. So pop over and take a look, there are some bargains to be had.


  1. I really wanted ro makr triples this year but now have to be away very gutted as i enjoyed my breif visit last year hopefully next time tho! The viking table is very cool btw

  2. Wow! That board looks flat out awesome Andrew! Looking forward to your secret project.:-)


  3. Have a good Triples and I hope to help with the 2014 project if I can!

  4. looking forward to meeting up on Sunday, have directed my Dad to the terrain he may be keen

  5. That was an awesome build and have a great show; looking forward to hearing the news on your return.

  6. Looking very nice...

  7. Wow...that's a superb board Andrew! Always had great admiration for terrain builders as it's something I've never attempted myself!

  8. That is a beautiful piece of terrain. As a Swede, always nice to see a few longships. Thx /Hans

  9. Amazing work, Andrew!

    I clicked into your terrain page and bought the lot. I really need to learn the Dark Art of quality terrain making. In the meantime, yours is lovely and I can't wait to put it to use in a Saga or Dux B. game!

  10. Gorgeous stuff. I look forward to hearing more on your upcoming project.

    ...and asleep at the switch on getting in on your lovely terrain... Enjoy it Monty!!

  11. That's a great bit of terrain, I remember it from the mags, like Fran said, I also hope to help with the Triples 14 project in some way or another.


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