6 May 2013

The Blue and The Gray ( part 1)

Ok so the wargames butterfly has struck again. This particular butterfly has been around a while, gently fluttering away in the background. Myself and Kevin (Kev's wargames cabin) decided to work on a joint venture over a long period. The aim is to refight Gettysburg and other notable battles of the American civil war during my 50th birthday year using our favoured rules Fire & Fury the original version.

My part in all this will be to make the terrain, purchase and base up all the figures, while Kev beavers away at the brushes and paints up the forces for both sides. Now 4 years may seem very long term but one look at the number of stands Antietam requires and you will know why.

We have chosen to use the excellent Peter Pig range of 15mm figures for the entirety of this project. The first 50 plus stands have been completed and I have made some progress on basing them. However currently the figure production is at a stalemate with Kev's wedding fast approaching and a large commission slowing him down at the moment. However that will change shortly as he frees up some time to get another batch of figures completed.

Here is the first batch.Of course when doing this period you have to start on one side or the other, fortunately for me the first completed figures are all Confederates.

Confederate commanders, Army commander, 2 corp commanders and 5 divisional commands
 Robert Edward Lee Confederate Army Command stand

Thomas Johnathan"Stonewall" Jackson (above), James Ewell Brown Stuart (below) Corp commanders

 4 Confederate artillery battery's

3 Confederate 4 horse limbers

 6 stands of Reb cavalry

Obviously we have a lot more to do, and we have decided to make life a little easier by making many of the infantry stands generic for both sides, so they can be used in most battles, or it would be overly expensive even in 15mm scale. 


  1. What a fabulous idea and a tremendous body of work so far. Looking forward to more updates soon.

  2. This is going to be quite the journey for the two of you and one you'll look back on with good memories I think.

    This is a cracking good start you've made!

  3. Great looking bunch of rebels Andrew!


  4. A four year project, refight Gettysburg, brilliant and beautiful miniatures by the way!

  5. Excellent, I like Kevin's Rebels. Your basing is tops as well.

    ACW was my first love and one day, I've got to get back to it. Longstreet will be released this fall and it uses the same basing as F &F so maybe it'll be an excuse to jump into not one but two sets of rules with the same armies? So many butterflies!

  6. They excellent, I do like a bit of Fire and Fury, the most frustrating set of rules ever made!!! Peter Pig do make some great figures, I'll look forward to following the 4 year project!!!

  7. Wonderful start to a great project. Good luck and enjoy the journey.

  8. good stuff will enjoy watching this one progress.
    Peace James

  9. Nice group of rebels, I really like Gen Lee and the other command bases. Nice detail for 15's!

  10. Thanks everyone, this period has long been a favourite of mine and Kevs. Ray you are so right frustrating but bloody good rules.

  11. Ooooo, they look better than I thought now you based em Buddy.
    Only another 3000 to go, lol.
    Cheers for the comments everyone.

  12. What a great start! Wonderful looking minis, the command bases are amazing!!

  13. Serious painting and I love the grounds. This choice surprises me, thinking you're British???!

    1. British I may be, but the sheer scale and depth of research material available for the American Civil war has always had my attention. I love to play the underdog as well and the Rebs are definitely my bag from a historical perspective.

  14. Wondeful Andrew! Always good to see some Rebels and guys certainlly look the part!

  15. Beautiful command stands. I think generic regiments or sabot banners are the way to go.

  16. Lovely start! I also have this particular butterfly but for now I've always managed to push it away.


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