10 May 2013

The beginning of the forest

First of all let me say thank you and welcome to the new members of the longship crew, good to have you aboard and I hope you find something of interest.

In the final instalment of the tree making for now , I have the makings of a decent forest for our Muskets and Tomahawks games and a suitable amount for use on a 6ft x 4ft table. I have a long way to go for the Gettysburg terrain and have calculated that I need enough trees to completely cover a 6ft x 4ft area.

being composed of random shapes that loosely interlock I can create many alternative layouts from these bases.
Now when I need to go where a tree stands I simply remove it from the base and put to one side.
I simply move up to cover the hole.
Then replace the tree when I move off giving me a nice looking woodland again.
I have used a mid sized armature, this means they will work for both 15mm games and 28mm games without the need to use larger trees. as shown above the trees with 15mm Tigers and below some 28mm woodland Indians.


  1. Tremendous! I thought this was a very clever idea, great to see them in full leaf as it were.

  2. Nice, very nice forest!

  3. They do look good, I might have to have a go myself!

  4. Great looking forest, where will you store them all when not in use?


    1. really useful boxes with bottle inserts to keep trees safe, and 1 for all the bases

  5. Looks great across scales.

  6. Now that unlike me...is very clever and well done!

  7. Those are very good; the better looking the trees, the better the miniatures look.

  8. Nice one Andrew, wonderful result!

  9. Looking very good Andrew !

    best regards Michael

  10. Thanks All, bit hungover today!!


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